Mafia III Inside Look - Thomas Burke [International]

In this installment, the writing team from Mafia III give an inside look at Thomas Burke, head of the Irish Mob, and explain what motivates him to join up with Lincoln Clay to take down the Mafia in New Bordeaux.

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  • Montasir Abdalbyine

    what is that song you guys put in this video and what is it called

  • The Godfather

    Please make Mafia 4 in 80s Miami! Please!

  • MrScarhand18

    burke looks like danny greene from kill the irishman probably inspired by him

  • DJ PAN

    You guys don't know how to add one video without repeating the same video twice or more?

  • Djostikk

    Man, Devs really went crazy with all these trailers and videos. Can't wait to see how the game turns out though.


    Фу как уныло.................

  • Fu Ereriklp

    Wo sind die ganzen Insidelooks und vorstellungen der Charaktere in Deutsch?

  • BlackArro Cartoons

    The story sounds promising. Is that a Pendulum shirt at 0:40 ?

  • Captain Acid

    0:44 come on that dude is definitely Joey Coco Diaz!

  • Michael O'Brien

    will the judge jury and executioner weapons pack be available for the us players

  • Rsk NOW


    I need a Chinese interpreter.

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