Mafia 3 Walkthrough - Intro & Mission #1 - This Changes Everything

Mafia 3 Walkthrough - Intro & Mission #1 - This Changes Everything, recorded in full HD.
Mafia 3 Walkthrough Playlist:

It's 1968 and the rules have changed. After years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: Family isn't who you're born with, it's who you die for. Now back home in New Bordeaux, Lincoln is set on escaping a criminal past. But when his surrogate family is betrayed and wiped out by the Italian Mafia, Lincoln blazes a path of revenge and redemption through the Mafioso responsible.

● Platform: Windows PC (Also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One)
● Recorded using Mirillis Action!
● Rendered/Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014

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  • Willzyyy

    It's finally here! So far I'm absolutely loving this game...pretty much an instant classic. :)

  • Sandwraith 1982

    12:52 That music when Jason Voorhees preys on an innocent soul, terrifying!!!!!!!

  • Shahzeb Akbar

    the guy smoking in the beginning sounds exactly like Jim Carrol.

  • Mackenzie Bauroth

    This is great but the sound keeps cutting out.

  • Darkfallen415

    The game start message really deserves an applause

  • Sandwraith 1982

    11:43 Why would anyone burn actual money, what's wrong with people!!!!!!! I never quite understood this part of the game, I know they're here for the plates and a couple of millions of dollars but give me some of that money before you burn em!!!!!!

  • Criistian Moore

    The car didn't start

  • VJ

    YESSS. When you tube was like "hey.. wanna watch someone play Mafia 3?" I was like "No. Unless it's Wilzyyy." :)

  • Dondre Briggs

    I've been looking forward to this for a long time. Vito Scaletta, welcome back.

  • Ramon Charles Nadado

    Dude, please do a walkthrough for Battlefield 1.

  • Farticus Maximus

    Are the side missions in this as dank as they said they'd be?

  • Mr. King

    I really want the game for my PS4 today, I can't wait to get it on game shop! :D

  • TheMasterQuests

    Yo what's up everybody!?

  • Fiery Zohaib

    I cant wait to see more

  • Pavel 10

    This is the best episode :D

  • iloveorangechicken

    12:19 Will your insane.

  • LegendaryAssassins

    Hy Willzyyy ! I'm watching your videos some time.I decided to open a gaming channel.Can you give me some tips/advice???

  • sgtfrozty

    Can't wait until you meet Vito!

  • RsAOfAnt

    Copyrighted music right on power-on - I know it's storytelling but please devs, at least use something non-contentID so we don't have to use YouTube's audio remove lol :/

  • Dr. Gonzo

    The writing is good, but in the 60's and before, nobody called the Italian mob the "Italian mob", they just called it the mob because there weren't any other mobs around that were that organized. The Irish were just hoodlums, and low level gangs, the Triads, Yakuza, and other Asian oriented mobs didn't come to the U.S. until the mid 70's, and the Russians only made a name for themselves in the U.S. in the 90's, after the Cold War ended.

  • The Miscellaneous Show

    the graphics R amezing

  • Alejandro Chong Cuy

    Just try to fix the audio in your videos.

  • Andrea Kitsch

    Whats the name of the song at 14:27?

  • Geeky Gamer

    Where do u play this game?

  • decjko

    Hey Will, did you notice a texture glitch for a brief moment at 5:22?

  • Ryan Macdonald

    Only game worth buying this year

  • Smuth -

    Can't wait to put my hands on this!

  • Oxide

    Is it only me or the video keeps cutting the sound. Changes the sound quality from HD to 144p?

  • someone !

    when he said scallata did he meant vito ?

  • Eric Wright

    Thanks man for missions.When be vietnam missions.


    Glad your doing a playthrough of the game. i am confident that your playthrough will be one to remember. =)

  • DrawnToLove

    The one thing I loved about the game is the intro cinematic. Just like. hot fuzz, Shawn of the dead, and The worlds end. It tells the places you're gonna be visiting and unleashing mayhem at the very beginning but it does it very nice too, so it doesn't spoil a thing.

  • NoName Boyz

    I bet they used gta5 money to make this shit of game(gta is shit too)

  • Anjewlo Bullcorn

    i just hope this game doesnt demonize the confederate flag so much

  • Game and @nogame@

    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmGTAV???wut??? last gui in googles spech like a Lester, i think

  • Isaac Robinson

    Please make sure you don't kill any of the under bosses.

  • Honest Dix

    After Mafia 3,what's next?

  • Tyler Loston

    It time it time it mafia 3 time!!!! 😄

  • Lorenzzio John

    Anyone knows if this game shows what happened to Joe?

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