Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 11 - Doucet (Mafia III PS4)

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  • Huey Freeman

    he hanged the guy on the Ferris wheel that's cold


    man im bout to go to another lets player they upload way faster

  • i have monies

    smoove the type of dude to hit the club 50 deep

  • Pirate

    Cassandra's voice actress is awful. She keeps changing accents every episode!


    I'm trying to not cheat on smoove

  • Kameron Anderson

    y are u slow with uploads chris

  • Tyree Collins

    Damn 4:50 that was brutal. Another ways to die

  • Tee Breezy !

    Which is better watch dogs 2 or Mafia 3 ???

  • Peyton Bergman

    Please start doing some brutal takedowns, its the best part of combat

  • 5PIDER_


  • Shariq Torres

    In regards to the old FBI agent in the game, the character was also a black man who grew up in South during Jim Crow. He didn't need the CIA to teach him about psychological warfare; he had already lived through it.

  • Bobby Trill

    Last time Lincoln was promised his money, he got shot in the head....

  • Kelvin Nana

    harambe died waiting for faster uploads

  • Lumma

    I swear it's smash not splash #check the description

  • General Glitter

    we arent liking enough bois

  • Anthony Miller

    The best gun in the game in terms of speed, damage, and capacity is the night hawk rifle. Honestly, the rifles are better than any of the automatic weapons..And the best non-silenced handgun is the Blackburn FAF in terms of speed, capacity, and damage. Best silenced handgun is the one you receive from Vito.

  • Perry

    Smoove making all kind of noob moves. Come on cuh

  • YouAppreciateMe

    Savage he said pray on the way up

  • Blade Seraun

    ha funny and entertaining

  • BullseyeRey

    I love you smoove, but your stealth game needs work.

  • Enso Green

    At 10:20 ... that's just the game doing a day/night cycle lol, chill.

  • bxprince7

    What happened to Chris Savage ?

  • Yrmix

    I just want him to use the shotty

  • Nacheem Olajuwon

    Bruh. Lincoln is a fuckin savage. The way he killed Ritchie was fuckin brutal

  • TheCrouploader9

    faster smooveeeee fasteeeer

  • Angel Carrizales

    Chris probably has the best editing in his let's plays thats why he takes so long to upload he should just hold off a little until he has a couple of episodes done instead of teasing us...

  • Sheena Coples

    Stop running yo mouth so much and do more playin cuz u already know u took a L👎🏾

  • BjGotTheJuice Gaming


  • Chad Daniels

    I love gaming with ya smoove

  • Shan Pelegrino

    Sub to me and I will sub back comment done when you subbed

  • James Holt

    bruh i didnt know that you could record on PS4

  • Shrill

    "Only my vision can see"

  • droughboi

    a freaking THREE MINUTE AD!?!? Bro...

  • lee Kouishi

    you know you can hit the red containers or anything red really and blow them to shite brother..... but keep up the comments on your vids coz you're one funny guy, I just be rolling in laughter ..

  • eighthh

    Another one not gonna be out for another 6 hours 😭😂

  • Lawrence Jean-Charles

    why doesnt chris smoove ever die

  • Captain Smoke

    "All I see is flashes!" Welcome to 'Nam son

  • Darshan Patel

    he is not keeping his words 😭😡😡

  • Nikko Avila

    I expected him to say Abusement Park instead of Amusement Park of Death.

  • Aloysius Ng


  • Black StarsTV

    so no one notices how big cassandras pupils are jesus (Yes I know its dark but STILL)

  • Black Mask

    Chris Savage with the execution cheese on the ferris wheel

  • Elijah Rodriguez

    I want to buy a shirt smoove and it's not letting me can u give me a advice what to do

  • Eyoueal Getachew

    be friends with vito he is an o.g. mobster

  • Star Streak

    Smoove, we want faster uploads! :(

  • Syafiq Sam

    Keep it comin Chris, lovin' the series so far!

  • Ender Spectrum

    Goldberg returning on raw next week Monday

  • Togoproductions

    Come on smoove, I'm not trying to watch theassbrad.

  • aji laksono

    you really need to making it splash smoovee

  • GregyBoyGaming

    I bet u smoove won't reply

  • John Lagou

    we need nba 2k17 videos just look at the views. in 2k there are mooooore bro!!!!

  • Raul De Leon

    Another mid mission end smh

  • Samuel Lucas

    Smoove where it at?? 24hrs is tooooo much baby

  • Brandon Chhann

    You barely using the mini map lol

  • wesley turner

    im about to go to theradbrat because he upload way faster,

  • Turbo Visual

    subscribe 2 my channel💦💯

  • Zach Floyd


  • ReyBee9

    chris weres the stealth?

  • Platano_Josh

    Only 14 minutes ?!!! Thats not a smoove move .

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