Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro (PS4/Xbox One) #Mafia3

Mafia 3 Walkthrough Part 1 Mafia 3 Gameplay 1080p 60fps Xbox One PS4 Gameplay First Impressions Review
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NEW BORDEAUX, A REIMAGINED 1968 NEW ORLEANS: A vast, diverse and seedy open world ruled by the mob and corrupt officials and richly detailed with the sights, sounds and emotionally-charged social atmosphere of the era.
AN UNINTENDED AND LETHAL ANTI-HERO: Be Lincoln Clay, an orphan and Vietnam veteran hell bent on revenge against the Italian Mafia for the brutal slaughter of the black mob, the closest thing to family he's ever had.
REVENGE YOUR WAY: Choose your own personal play-style, from brute force and blazing guns to stalk-and-kill tactics as you use Lincoln's military training and gathered intel to tear down the Italian Mafia.
A NEW FAMILY ON THE ASHES OF THE OLD: Build a new criminal empire in your own unique way by deciding which of your lieutenants you reward, and which you betray...
  • Thomas Karsten

    When do you give away the Mafia 3 copy?

  • Devin Corbett

    I don't want to spoil myself but I can't fucking help it

  • A Ragin Cajun

    As a Louisiana native, so stuff like this makes me proud. Give a thumbs up and a reply if you feel the same way.

  • Steven Gilmour

    after watching this ima go buy mafia 3 ahaha

  • Bota64

    bag pls! Also, NICE CHANNEL!

  • Ivan House

    I'm a huge fan of the 60s and the rockin roll especially Jimi Hendrix an psychedelic rock as well

  • Dragon_Gamer

    i dont get it, what happend to vito :3

  • 肖亮

    like GTA or watching dogs?

  • King Scxr Beep Lettuce

    wtf do you mean he saw your face he had a fucking bag on his head

  • Zakir Shakir

    the fighting skills are copied from gta 5

  • Meister Gaming

    is he morgan freeman at 25:55

  • Desert Ghost 114

    Translation : Who ever put salt on himself attracts hostility

  • Nandad 11 Extra

    The perist looks like obarma

  • Ghost Hawk

    been here since bioshock infinite! watch most series when I have time

  • fluffy tony

    i want this but also want battlefield 1....

  • Astriiixz Snipes

    I can't wait but I have school and I also have a tournament

  • john williams-wallington

    did u say bread is bad for u....its actually very good

  • Laurens Hermanns

    jimi hendrix love this song

  • Sean Francis

    Loved this video, can't wait to get the game! Turntable please!

  • Peter Parker

    I'm part Haitian, this is hilarious.

  • Joey müller

    Turntable, Hoodie, Bag

  • XpertRebel95

    It's so cool hearing "all along the watchtower" right off the bat Can't wait to get my hands on this game

  • Kysrevenge X

    It Takes a real fuckin Brit to not know Gumbo.


    lol "better then gta 5" haha more like "worse then minecraft pocket edition"

  • Toni Shala

    good game or not ? i dont whant to watch it becouse i maybe buy it my self

  • Bear Squad

    This game looks amazing loving the stiry

  • Calvin Tyler

    I brought the game 3 days ago and it won't save

  • Zesty Lobster Tail

    Would absolutely LOVE to have this game on the PS4!

  • Jay Rock

    I wish it was better than gta5

  • Colin Morris

    is this game worth taking a punt on?? I mean is it better than grand theft auto 5 and is it better than Mafia 2. just wondered because after buying cod aw, gears of war 4, FIFA 17, pre-order watchdogs2 and Detroit, my cash flow has took a MASSIVE HIT this week and I wanna get this and Barman return to arkham so any help appreciated please

  • Zed Ex

    This game is amazing, and your channel is amazing.

  • Tod Moon

    Riot, war fucking sucks... when your faced between your life, and another's, instincts kick in, and your mind and heart go on vacation, all that's left is a voice in your head saying "survive, survive! Live, live! Kill, kill! Eat, eat! Become someone else..." when your life is decided by terrorists, starvation, poverty, disease, all you care about is yourself. That's the sad truth about the world, humanity sucks.

  • Ganesh Nampalli

    there are some fps drops ....

  • dank memelord

    the french part ment the one who spills salt demands for hostility

  • Amine Lamri

    If you have to choose between gta5 and mafia 3 what would you choose ? Plzz guys i need help

  • Left 2 Die

    Your so a man for having this kind of givaway I always wanted one

  • DJ The Neon

    music - Purple Haze by Jimi hendrix

  • Abdel Islam

    Giveaway participant here for turntable Mafia 3....

  • Leandro's Music

    turntablei really want one it looks amazing

  • Joshz Gaming

    aw have i missed the giveaway? :( i wanted the turn table :o

  • Francis Behome

    i like your story background very good in mafia 3 love it

  • LegendaryAssassins

    Hy GameRiot ! I'm watching your videos some time.I decided to open a gaming channel.Can you give me some tips/advice???

  • Winston Taswell

    The guy in the brown Leather jacket is Definitely Danny Green from the movie "Kill the Irishman..Does anybody agree?

  • Ur Mum

    Scott do a face reveal!!!👍😀😀😀💷💷💷👺👍pls

  • NortexTv

    Better then Gta5 Oh hell no . I mean this game is good . But why do you have to do side mission. To unlock a story mission . Nah Gta5 is way better .

  • Pero Juric

    this is my chat please treat comment section bad

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