MAFIA 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD PS4] - No Commentary

MAFIA 3 Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full MAFIA 3 Gameplay on PS4. This MAFIA 3 Gameplay will include my review of the game.

MAFIA 3 It's 1968 and the rules have changed. After years of combat in Vietnam, Lincoln Clay knows this truth: Family isn't who you're born with, it's who you die for. Now back home in New Bordeaux, Lincoln is set on escaping a criminal past. But when his surrogate family, the black mob, is betrayed and wiped out by the Italian Mafia, Lincoln blazes a path of revenge and redemption through the Mafioso responsible. It will take more than a few friends to make it in this new world. Intense gun fights, visceral hand-to-hand combat, white knuckle driving, and street smarts will all be needed But with the right crew, tough decisions, and some dirty hands, it's possible to make it to the top of the city's underworld It's time to create a new family on the ashes of the old. Joining him are his lieutenants Cassandra, Thomas Burke, and Vito Scaletta.

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Genre: Third-Person Action
Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Hangar 13
Release Date: October 7th 2016
  • MKIceAndFire

    I love this game so much!! I was actually not that hyped before I played, but man the game is off to a great start! Part 2 will be even better! My only complaint so far is the driving controls. What do you guys think of the game so far?

  • MKIceAndFire

    Part 2 -

  • Moe-suke Higashikata

    People are getting so sensitive over the use of the term "nigger" in this game. The game is taken place in the 1960s, during that time it was normal to hear that word often. I swear this comment section are full of kids..

  • Polymnus

    No political correctness, fu*k yeah.

  • Rjfromthebay2001 Porter

    Lincoln is like a black Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • UrusaiSenpai

    Didnt expect they say Niggers in this game. People are getting to butthurt about it.

  • Devin McCampbell

    You were suppose to feed him to the gators lol drop his ass in the swamp

  • lonecourierjoeyV2

    father james is literally morgan freemen

  • Tombstone is the perk you need To survive

    30:45 the first joke about Vietnam flashbacks/ptsd

  • PizzaGuY XD

    You drive like a drugged Walrus that has gerbil for feet

  • Tombstone is the perk you need To survive

    Lincoln and Ellis in their car talking about a woman while revving up the car and holding up traffic.

  • SunBro's \[T]/

    FUCK YOU BUFFERING!! everything was fine. Crystal clear video, then out of nowhere boom 144p and buffering. Fucking Xfinity doesnt work for shit. 100mbps my ass. It barely runs at 20mbps, let alone drop to 5mbps for no dam reason.

  • E Mozie

    The word nigger is use alot, I hate that word.

  • Pedo Peter Parker

    Just leaving a comment since I can't watch the video because I want to do the story myself.

  • Gleb Firstov

    it's cringe to see him all noobie at the start of games, I mean when I go blind in games I am not that bad.Not trying to hate though

  • Kacey M.

    the playboy magazine was sooo cool..this game looks amazing. im already engrossed in the story!

  • Alex Hall

    I love how people are complaining about the insensitive language but they also say the word while complaining about the game saying it lol

  • TheShotgunRuler

    that beginning message deserves respect. the kind of respect that cod ww2 does not deserve

  • It'sRawWay

    Wish I had this game right now

  • Travis Walker

    why do they use the n word???

  • Keirra Mitchell

    oh my goodness... I love the voice actor for Lincoln 😍😍

  • Ciaran Leigh

    Goes thru a playboy infront of 360 000 other people, no ragrets...

  • CaptainCore993

    I respect the developers of the game for trying to portray the environment for colored people during the 1960s.However terrible the word may be it is apart of our history. Learning about it is better than being behind a wall ignoring it.

  • Christian Navarro

    I appreciate no commentary :)

  • Elyseon

    Damn, Vito looks like he aged 30 years since the previous game.

  • Maurice Martinez

    why does lincon look like arnold swarcenagger

  • Ethan Winters

    Man this game is so real!!😀😀😀

  • Jimmy Bishop

    Thank god for you mk. Cuz theradbrad fucking sucks

  • Austin528

    Do you actually get to drive stick in the game!?

  • 159Fender159

    "There's only so much luck down the well. Sooner or later... Pull up that bucket, there's nothing in it."

  • TheBrokenScale

    This game looks really good and all, but I can't help but wonder how many of the voice actors are actually from Louisiana, because some of the accents seem kind of ... off. It's a little grating, tbh

  • Alphawolf

    Lmao I just realized that guard who tells Lincoln to get the bags at the beginning voices Gaara in Naruto.

  • Demonz SYN

    your driving erks me dude, hope it gets better I'm only 24:34 but omg XD them brakes got me like "come on dude just drive."

  • Elyseon

    Like I was sayin'...

  • Javier E. Bullones

    That little feature that the characters have when you crash a car, they say something about the crash itself and afterwards repeats their last phrase but in a very smooth way like "Yeah, anyway" or "Like I was sayin'" it's just something cool I saw and I've never seen this feature in other game before. Thank you MK, Lovin' the game so far!

  • moo moo

    it looks like mafia 3 got some ideas from GTA 5

  • Kate Ryder

    The boobies scared me..But anyway, I don't think people realize that the word "nigger" was a bad word back then. It was just the same as calling someone black. Now it's really frowned upon to say it because the oppressive white people from years and years ago said it..and it was meant as an insult. But as bad as the word is today, just remember it wasn't that bad back then, at least for white people to say it. So you can stop being pussies and grow the fuck up, it's just a word and words can't physically attack you.

  • Donnie Allen

    Doesn't baka mean idiot

  • ChocolateCoatedLips

    So this just dawned on me. Lincoln looks a lot like Joe from The Mafia 2. I wonder if Joe is somehow his father.

  • Y0UNG G0D IV0

    I'm confused is Sammy Haitian too cause he speaking French

  • kareem Abd Elraoof

    If I didn't look for the voice actor for Lincoln I would have thought it's Michael Jai White

  • Nikita Lane

    Why did you turn off the radio station?

  • Mangekyou Sharingan

    get xbox scorpio or ps4 pro?

  • Jon Bellion Lyrics

    not tryna sound sensitive and shit but Vito doesn't even sound like or look like Vito in mafia 2, like I hear the accent a bit but not as much

  • Lian Smith

    MKIceAndFire, is this version of the game updated with that 1.03 patch?

  • AnakinKB

    lmao 1:01:35 tells you about realistic driving and how you can have it automatically drive you and shit and then it just cuts to him just swerving in traffic

  • Snoogen11

    I love how pretty much every walkthrough i watch they all try to feed the guard into the furnace XD

  • Rodney Christopher

    What specific nationality was Sammy and the others because I'm pretty sure what they said after Pour Lincoln was Haitian. (I'm Haitian but I still need to learn the language better)

  • CapiTen10

    I wasn't shocked to find that 2k czech are no longer making the mafia games, Americans always have to force in their anti white white guilt propaganda into everything. over it.

  • Spideyboy350

    I'm so happy they added Vito back into this game. It wouldn't be a mafia game without Vito Scalleta. Although, I wonder what happened to Joe...

  • gauravsinghsingh74

    what r the system requirements for this game. Will it run on 4 gb ram pc because mafia 2 did...

  • Outset

    Just curious, why did he hold one rifle with the left hand and the other with the right?

  • Dj Senju

    Why In every gangster game starts off with a bank robbery lol


    I saw some gameplay footages before and I gotta say the AIs are quite dumb. And I'm not a fan of all the weapons indications lying on the floor but it's mafia so I might buy it

  • Billy Evans

    Game is all fucked up. I expected a gta5 atmosphere

  • chicoblood08

    The driving physics in this game are shit

  • Pnaliza


  • J Pyramidal

    i shit myself when i saw Vito

  • MKIceAndFire

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  • showlegacy619

    whats the song in the beginning?

  • lord D

    11:40 what in the hell is you stopping for? XD


    Oh my god, this game is very tempting,i don't have budget for all the games

  • IWantMyVisionBack

    Why did they give him a jacked up hairline?

  • jack winters

    man the driving on here is so realistic

  • Venser

    5:49 I thought you gonna feed him to the gators

  • Cody Dale Fitness

    Glad they kept the language accurate, the struggle real, and the correctness gone.

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