Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 12 - We Partners Now? (Mafia III PS4)

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We Partners Now? Mission

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  • Sinister Mephisto

    I give up. The uploads are too slow. 1 15 min video a day. That is not a smoove moveDoes anybody actually care for My Team and My Madden?

  • Mattis Splash

    Still cant believe seahawks didnt run it...


    Is it me or Vito wearing the same attire from last mafia?

  • Anthony Miller

    You can keep all your underbosses If you don't skip them more than twice during the sit-downs to hand out districts.

  • hugh janus

    It would be a smoove move if you could make these vids longer

  • Matt Myers

    rockstar didn't make mafia

  • _A2N _

    FYI Vito is the main protagonist for mafia 2 and now is old in 3 whereas in mafia 2 he just came back from the war

  • PA BeLike

    "The game that made GTA" Sigh, 2k made Mafia III.

  • Peyton Bergman

    2K publishes Mafia Smoove not Rockstar

  • ArmpitsMcGee

    Legend says that Smoove never took an L in his life

  • danny phenton

    Please upload the next parts. I don't want to have to resort to going to other people's channels

  • Bobby Trill

    Just a reminder, Lincoln got shot in the head last time he was promised his money.

  • Eric Craig

    smoove you gotta make it splash with these uploads, i'm about to cheat on you

  • Nathan Strickland

    Faster uploads please. Niggas dying out here😂

  • william bill

    Dawg where are the Mafia uploads

  • Alijah Alexander

    its funny. vito was the badass in mafia ii, doing all the impossible shit

  • Engel Nevárez

    What you really mean by faster uploads bruh??

  • funny shxt.

    is Vito wearing Niko Bellic jacket?

  • Jay Breezy

    Notification squad stand up😈💯🔥💦


    Vito still wearing the same jacket from mafia 2

  • Edward Leo

    What happened to the views?! damnn

  • Kanaan Barton

    mafia 3 isnt made by rockstar its made by hangar 13

  • Kevin Townsend

    I cant do it.. Im about to watch someone else

  • Lamaje Broadus

    Make longer videos and more frequent uploads smoove


    Is it Vito from mafia 2

  • RoSe ToFlame

    what they should of did was. wait till the end to kill Lincoln then came back with enough mafia called mafia:back from the dead lol

  • Switch To switch

    You got an annoying voice

  • Danny Sandoval

    Yes Vito from mafia 2 is still alive. Thank fucking god. I wonder what happened to the main character from mafia 2 though?

  • Kvng JJ

    Vito still got on the same stuff from mafia 2

  • justin elam

    I thought 2k made mafia

  • Jeebs Gold

    You don't always lead your moving targets.

  • Anthony Guerrero

    where is the next episode smoove

  • Emmanuel Boateng

    still waiting for the next mafia vid, plz make them longer

  • Jaiden

    Isn't Vito the main character in mafia 2?

  • Daniel Taumoepau

    can u hurry up and make a part 13 shit

  • Axel McKenna

    What's your opinion on the creepy clowns

  • Jay Skill

    the game just got real when he got shot, keep uploading smoove

  • Tobenna Chukwujekwu

    1969 Dodge Charger 0:54

  • ovo eazy

    Wheres the mafia part 13 fam?

  • borac botanic

    Hurry up with these uploads

  • Lyrikal Nelson

    you better not kill Vito!

  • Siddu Nair

    Lovin these mafia uploads

  • KinggAssassin 313

    Can you post more vidoes for rise of the tomb raider

  • Utkarsh Saxena

    the 13th ep is private....why..

  • Cam Shaffer

    dmn smoove wassup? u bout to make me switch up dude

  • MacBigAttack

    im cheating on smoove........

  • Fatmata Bah

    Can you make faster videos

  • Soumyadeep Dhar

    faster uploads ???? scammer :3 .-.

  • Donovan Goode

    smoove u gotta crouch when u walk they cant hear u

  • Kyle Christensen

    That would be lit if you did gears of war 4 or mw advanced

  • Nun Bunzz

    The Warriors blew a 3-1 lead.

  • lileminembitch


  • Jaylan Brooks

    where's fifa the journey

  • Tj Muschett

    come on man give us more mafia🔥

  • josua brownly

    smoove next video ?!!!!!!

  • But Bruh

    if you save the Irish man, you can call in vehicles. sports cars and regular rides. think you unlock more the more missions you complete, or earn for the racket

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