Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 13 - Thomas Burke (Mafia III PS4)

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  • Chris Smoove

    I'll be continuing Mafia 3 tomorrow on Thursday. I just got back from an event where I got to play Watch Dogs 2 early and record some gameplay! I'll have Watch Dogs 2 videos before the game is released which is dope!

  • Sam

    That Batman connection at 8:12!

  • eh lLuLu

    "Oh men I killed a black guy."😂

  • Martin O

    I don't think Smoove knows what pistol whipping is.

  • Nehemiah Hickman

    Smoove wtf is up, it's been 2 days since u posted a Mafia 3

  • Kid82fy

    For them niggas complaining that he stopped Mafia 3

  • Jake Spooner

    Chris we need the mafia series faster

  • funnybot77

    1:51 Had me rollin' "Ah man I just ki!!ed a black guy".

  • king james

    I love waking up to Chris Smoove videos. Who else? Or am I alone?

  • Platano_Josh

    Chris you took hella long to post just a 15 minute video smh

  • Lebron James Hairline

    dammit I was close cuh

  • Randy Patterson

    I don't think you know what the term "pistol whip" means...

  • Tracy McGrady

    8:08 is that the guy from the 2nd game?

  • Edward Leo

    chris should know that vitto is playable guy in mafia2

  • Vincent Starkes

    Too much dialog and not enough action.

  • The Ohio State University

    I feel the same way when I kill a black guy in a video game

  • TheLast DamnGamer

    Check out my mafia3 3 walk through on my page guys

  • prison505break

    you gotta love that Irish accent


    Nicki wants the pipe everything she said had a sexual reference in it 😂😂😭

  • cobi wartes


  • dom

    It's been so long since smoove posted a mafia vid; i forgot what happened in the first 12 parts smh

  • I'm dat Guy

    It's called a molotov

  • Morris Robinson

    What happened to mans head

  • King RJ

    hurry up and make another one

  • Tydrekas Poole

    Smoove don't listen to these noobs. it's better to upload late than to not do it at all. plus all of the work u have to do to edit the gameplay. these noobs just don't understand.

  • Yousef Sarkhoh

    Man we are waiting for part 14 man why you stop playing mafia 3 please keep going

  • tristan sepeda

    come on just post a new mafia 3 vid I'm anxious

  • DJ Risky

    chris savage is back at it again with black on black crime remember in gta

  • unique name leo

    Smoove my man I liked the video now give us faster uploads of mafia!

  • Daniel Devas

    when watch dogs 2 comes out can u start playing that its wayyy better than mafia

  • Kimberly Poling

    When are u uploading more mafia 3?

  • Free Thought

    C'mon cuh! Faster uploads!

  • Rickstaaaa87

    it was so tempting to watch someone else. but I stuck with it!

  • Corey Dudley

    You killing me Smoove baby. Lol

  • Melvin Melendez

    loved Vito's character in mafia 2

  • RapShit NL

    Everyday 2 uploads!!!!!

  • Dem Crazy Filipinos

    Smoove we need part 14!

  • ForeverKing23

    Every mission is the same smh

  • sciglide

    smoove really a disappointment with these uploads :/

  • Work Hard Spend Smart

    we need you to start making it splash with the mafia uploads

  • Robert Cruz

    woah woah woah wheres some more??

  • Paris Moore


  • UnknownHero


  • Steve Louisee

    lmao chris smoove why does it matter what color the worker was that you shot

  • MekhiThaGoat -

    Upload faster Please🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  • Kevin Dimes

    another great mafia video

  • Brandyn Jordan

    Smoove stop making noob moves upload more mafia

  • alex marks

    We need 14 smoove please drop it

  • Cirel Sanchez

    FIFA 17 the journey pls

  • Pieter Ferreira

    faster uploads my ass LOL please upload more why so slow!!!

  • Yamon Robinson

    Where the next episode at smoove

  • Anay Deshpande

    Oh I'm not trying to kill these construction workers, oh aghhhh...he was black too

  • Daniel Mtz

    Ain't liking enough people

  • Ben Cheam

    dude I've missed watching your videos since watchdog and GTA V.Love you Smoove!


    do more mafia gameplay

  • Diante Ruffin

    i only watch smoove for the lets plays now and the suspense right now. smoove playin. drop these vids fam

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