Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 7 - Old Times Sake (Mafia III PS4)

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  • Big Ro

    give us 1 more mafia 3 upload before the night ends

  • João Paulo

    His bullet fade haircut is lowkey lit

  • Lamar McCrory

    Come on Smoove. You know the majority of us have school tomorrow. Gonna need these faster uploads

  • Nuno Neto

    guyss calnn downn i know we all want more videos but its hard work editting 1hour of gameplay to an entertaining video of 15/20minutes lets be grateful for smoove bringin us some great videoss ! peacee yall ✌

  • Rey de Fuego

    So we just gonna ignore the fact that Cassandra got lowkey maybe highkey cake

  • Nehemiah W Tadesse

    It would be a smoove move if you made these videos longer my man. At least to 20:00 would be great

  • Joseph Martinez

    you taking to long with these uploads smoove.

  • felicia lim

    I had played before mafia 3 In my ps4 and I completed the game 4 times

  • Yosef Elias

    notification squaaaaaad assemble

  • KingMarcus71

    Smoove my boy Imma need you to upload faster fam

  • Michael G

    You know smooves upset just as much as we are with 2k and it's bull shot

  • funnybot77


  • Mr StealYoGril

    2:10 green shirt had a FATTY

  • Pirate

    Is it me or the Haitians change accents every other conversation?

  • AP ™

    Who else swears Lincoln is Peele from Key & Peele...

  • Almighty King

    bruh they spelled Voodoo all wrong😂😂

  • Aadil Chaudry

    it would have a lot better if it had the GTA FREEDOM

  • Adolf Kitler

    8:56 Steve Harvey before he turned to comedy.

  • xxxtentacionxxx xxxslumpgodxxx

    #staying stelty mean staying healty

  • un known

    that man Lincoln can be my barber 👏👐👏

  • Jesse Winings

    U should let Baku talk

  • TheJuggernautzombie

    I bet she lying about that story about her sister

  • Cameron BC

    You need to "let it fly" with these uploads.

  • lil JuJu


  • josh knight

    happy thanksgiving to all cannadians

  • Jrock HD

    Lmaoo look at his hairline at 7:14

  • Albert Casilla

    "Oh look a WEAPONS's locker, what do you think's gonna be in there?" -Smoove

  • MG_Anon

    tbh that scar is actually lit.


    3:51 was that a T-PAIN kind a laugh ?

  • Cartier9

    I want opinions on my recent upload I would appreciate it if yall checked it out

  • dezzyhibs

    Smoove you didn't blur the boobies

  • ace chambers

    The voice is Lee from the Walking Dead?

  • rhys bailey

    Voodoo you say? Well....You remind of man.What man?!Man with the power! What power?!Power of the voodoo! Who do?!You do, you do!......Continue if you know the song.

  • stefan osygus

    Does smoove respond when you're early? 🤔

  • Luke Ramkissoon

    I'm about to watch radbrad if he doesn't upload soon 😂😂😂

  • Warren Floyd

    didn't he have 4 million subs?

  • mesinoedelherb12

    haha blake griffin playing the main charakter

  • Carlos is legal

    loving these fast uploads Smoove👍👍

  • Customized Genius

    If a love fucking black women, does that mean I love enslaving black women

  • Hunter Jones

    Louisiana setting aye its lit

  • Chris Rawiwan

    Smoove upload Mafia 3 three times a day please, make it splash everyday

  • Cirel Sanchez

    Upload more FIFA 17 the journey pls

  • OVO

    we need more uploads smoove

  • Marshall Benson

    Chris Smoove Im waiting for your move. Keep it splashing.

  • Marcy Venable

    Yea you taking to long other people uploading way faster

  • Jason Mitchell

    Y don't u say rhyming accidentally anymore

  • no limits josh

    come on just put out the next video

  • Damien The Hooper

    Try to upload at least 3 we got school tomorrow

  • Big Henry

    Great series! hope you keep it up

  • Marouf Diallo

    Im about to just cheat on him tbh, we need more videos!!

  • Lyonell Panggau

    cmon smoove where the journey at

  • Envenom _

    Come on cuhhh! where are these mafia vids at man. You gotta make it splash on the post button

  • Billy Mays

    where is the next video ?!?!!

  • Andre Gardner

    f'real faster uploads come on smoove

  • Kizaru Borsalino

    Chris smoove, ima find where you live and ima smack you upside the head if you dont upload a 30 min vid or back to back videos

  • Mark ANDREW

    Cant wait to see the next episode

  • I★I

    Longer videos! MOAR Smoove.

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