Mafia 3 - Cassandra Ending!!

This is the ending to Cassandra. Hope you enjoy.
My personal favourite ending has to be Vito's one.
  • My banner is delicious

    YAS! Thanks Man! Vito Has the best ending

  • Anthony Carlton

    i like vito ending better

  • merle dixon jr

    1:11 that guy looks nothing like john mckeithen

  • meep moop 2

    So the city turns into a shit hole with Burke Vito runs it well and Cassandra runs it so well the government says "fuck it" cuts off the city and the city is demolished by hurricane Cassandra cool

  • bisqueybusiness

    this ending really pisses me off i wish it ended differently for her, but it sounds the most realistic

  • Jack Snuff

    First time I have watched this ending, Thomas was better

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