Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 16 - Splashing (Mafia III PS4)

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  • E Thug

    Guys stop complaining about Smoove's upload speed. He's a YouTuber who has grown to 3mil without clickbait or drama.

  • Cristian Arteaga

    Smoove i'm liking the mafia 3 videos but i'm not seeing faster uploads

  • Future

    Watching Smoove while eating cheesecake, I love cheesecake, late night, 'fore I go to sleep

  • Hey Kiddo

    I could have sworn I saw Smoove at the supermarket buying some provolone tonight, but then I realized it wasn't possible because he's always too busy hitting us with that late night cheese upload.

  • snipz127

    Batman the Telltale series part 3 drops today. Make it rain Smoove!

  • Bvdub

    Smoove a video every two days isnt faster uploads come on cuhhhh thats a noob move

  • David Lee

    Come on now Smoove, don't make me cheat on you with another Youtuber baby!!

  • Kaiser Amadeus

    8:07 How about you "make it splash" with faster uploads?

  • Marshall Pettway

    I was just about to go to bed too😂😂


    Just a daily reminder that the warriors got kd

  • Daroxity/Vaxtra

    Is it just ur name or are you in smoove clan?

  • Tiga TJ

    at 6:15 Burkes Daughter Has a Nice Ass💯😈💯

  • Mark

    Where's Tony Bennett at cocksucker?


    6:08 niki got cake lmao😂😂

  • S.L.P.

    "Snitches gets stitches" - Chris Smoove

  • Martin O

    What happened to playing stealthy is healthy?

  • Marco van Herk

    lol at 1:17 one of the enemies fell on his ass, mid left of the screen

  • TheGoman21

    More Mafia 3 to prepare for these upcoming games and walkthroughs Smoove come on. Vaminos amigo!!

  • JvGamingTV

    Uploaded when I was about to go to bed, that's a Smoove move.

  • xRay

    That's Joey Diaz Cock Suckas!

  • Tivo Tha God

    man you slacking on these uploads

  • Toni markovic

    Butcher is Comedian Joey Diaz...

  • shaquan davis

    Hey smoove, ever thought of radio?

  • Brandon Ram

    Chris where's the after uploads???

  • Hueyyy

    Go watch it on theradbrad page. Since chris doesn't want to be consistent

  • Derrick Daniels

    Add another video bro u sleeping on the mafia

  • samauri butler

    Ik notification squad camped on the feed lol

  • Him5715

    he usually doesn't make the new videos until the video gets over 100k veiws

  • MyZe

    Where are the faster uploads at?

  • vixon sysawang

    The sound when you complete a mission reminds me of sleeping dogs lol.

  • King Jeff is a boss

    make more of these vids

  • andrew vega

    Wow I was about go to sleep but it's worth it

  • Rey 25

    "Got em in the back seat"😂😂😂 Smoove funny yo 😂

  • Noah Stephens

    Make more of these vids you be takin years to upload episode

  • Isaiah Walker

    thanks for waking me up smoove

  • Next1 up

    I beat the game already, what are you doing

  • Alex Borisov

    I look forward to Mafia 3 every day

  • Will Kennedy

    Please upload next vid now smoove please

  • EliteNation

    Smoove could u change his clothes?

  • LB3 Savage

    Everybody download a smoove board it is awesome

  • u suck

    mafia gameplay is laaaaaame. wheres the FIFA at!?

  • kp02

    Smoove batman the telltale series episode 3 is out we want videos

  • Jack Zimmerman

    If you got the shottie imma drop ya body 😂😂

  • ForeverKing23

    Smoove on that 2k payroll

  • Dan Peake-Pijnen

    Faster uploads longer videos!

  • SoulDragonSG

    u should do a xenoverse walkthrough

  • southmade535 c4

    right bro same I was thankin

  • Christian Calunia

    Give that guy Emmanuel

  • TheNightsquirell


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