Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 9 - The Church (Mafia III PS4)

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Smack Wiretap the First Baptist Church

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  • PJiggy

    Girl ask where the condom* Smoove: NO PROTECTION YOU KNOW THE RULES!

  • Earthworm 蚯蚓

    late night cheese from smoove

  • Finn Kelly

    Chris Savage is one of the best things to come into my life

  • Paul F.

    "WE'RE IN THE TRAP" 😂😂😂💀💀

  • Nuno Neto

    that squeeze orange juice 0:17

  • william bill

    First baby make these episodes splash I'm loving them

  • Trey Henderson

    How could they make herowin at a church?! Scumbags

  • Calles TW


  • TiAngelo TooTurnt

    Chris, Fam... can you hop on MyPark, soon? You too nice 👀❄️

  • Apachy GT

    269K views, smoove u are dirty jk


    i bet smoove b saying uhhhhhhnother video

  • The Goatt

    I got school tomorrow but sleep can wait #notificationgang

  • Eboy227

    We're in the traaap!!! Lmao smoove is a fool

  • Carlos Espinosa

    @3:22 you not ray Lewis baby


    when Chris Savage comes back before Moses Cuh.....

  • jardarlol

    thats is not smoove aim

  • John Moreta

    smoove your rating suck when you upload late on a school night considering a big number of your viewers are still in school...

  • Athul Krishna

    smoove uploading in late night it is a noob move

  • Nehemiah Hickman

    0:21 He has to put than "Orange Juice Squeeze on them" *Justice young voice

  • Mo Fiya

    C. Smoove I fukz with it.

  • Michael Beamon

    Chris Smoove, Church Linebacker

  • Magical Morata

    faster uploads hah yeah right😂

  • Karl Kahambwe

    Kinda late but how did he survive a shot to the face and smoke inhalation?

  • Alex Irving


  • Ian Wallace

    chris savage in the trap house

  • Χαρης Μπαλατσουκας

    the fire is called molotov :(

  • Ronnie J.

    Hey Chris Smoove when are you going to start back up with Mafia 3.

  • AJBuckets

    Please do Batman Return to Arkham

  • BeastEastCarrot

    Have you beat the game yet Smoove??

  • Lucas Soave

    man, you played that bad :/you can do better!

  • Nikolina Cindric

    We are waiting for 10 episode :D

  • Andy V

    0:16? That fresh squeeze? That ORANGE JUICE!?

  • Mindless0turtle

    Use your reinforcements once pls

  • Cancer Alert

    Any stretch bigs want to team with my playmaker hit me up on Xbox:DingoPlaysBingo

  • Jimmy Butler

    Can someone explain how he is still alive

  • Isaiah Green

    reminds me of saints row

  • Kaiser Amadeus

    12:05 "Your aim sucks!"Funny, as just a few minutes earlier, you missed that wide-open shot to kill the sentry. But that's none of my business.

  • Alex Benjamin

    Chris Smoove trapping haha 😂😂

  • TheJuggernautzombie

    we need more uploads cuh

  • Bakari McAllister 41

    Chris Savage not pullin off any brutal takedowns??  THAT'S A NOOB MOVE!

  • Derrick Rose

    There making it a mistrial!!

  • JTD Abraham

    We're in the trap, LOOL

  • Robberiekis Ferguson

    u gotta keep smoovin "movin"

  • BHuang92

    2:08Hey Chris, you clipped your hommie right in the gut with your car..............

  • Jade Lockett

    should have killed him

  • The Spaniard

    Lincoln dies at the end

  • Shawn henry

    were in the Trap!!!😂😂😂

  • Daddy 69YourFace

    Dam smoove got some loyal subscribers lol


    Why is Donovan helping Lincoln?

  • Julian Soler-Claudio

    I don't think he gets that Donovan is with him alone, not the whole agency

  • Magnacet


  • Manuel Reyes

    U didnt make ur splash quota of videos come on cuh

  • dom

    hit the splashes with mafia 3 releases cuh

  • Jack

    Sub to me I'll sub back comment Done!

  • Zack Williams

    Walking the Dog...I remember that song!

  • Jermal Harvey

    come on with the upload cuh it's getting juicy

  • Mr StateYourName

    If he said no protection allowed , does that mean he don't use condoms ?

  • J.j peters

    I only asked for 2 so who ever commented on what I said last video you can stfu

  • Abdullahi Ali

    I've been waiting Smoove , Make it Splaasssh again

  • Speed Kills

    Please double the video length or make it splash!

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