Mafia 3 vs Mafia 1 (Best AI ever, Comparison of mafia 3 and mafia 1)

Games released nowadays and 14 years ago
Comparison of mafia 3 and mafia 1
Best AI ever

Mafia OST - Belleville - Django Reinhardt & Quintette Du Hot Club De France.
Kevin MacLeod - BTS Prolog - Creative Commons Attribution (

Игры сегодня и 14 лет назад
Сравнение Мафия 3 и Мафия 1

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  • Cyan

    2:30Мафия 3 игра про время, когда процветал расизм, так что это сравнение не совсем удачное.

  • Sean Bodine

    1:15 "The world looks plastic." It's the 60's, what did you expect?

  • Los Illuminados

    Graphics arent everything.

  • Angry Dub

    look at ghost recon wild lands

  • Sir Marlon Brandon Rivera

    I love the music and movie snippets from movies in the 1990s

  • `viusFẌ

    Thanks Daniel Vávra for amazing Mafia 1 <3.

  • WIZ

    The games nowadays are too forgiving.

  • Samir Imeri

    Mafia 1 is old 15 years and still better than Mafia 3

  • Wolfie Plays

    Game developers got lazy, they learned the ways to get quick bucks.

  • Dark Knight

    Daaaaamn ! the good old dayz

  • DAVe Vlazyn

    @GabiN64Same goes to ME:Andromeda

  • Vítek Přibyla

    why is mafia 1 better then mafia 3because mafia 1 is czech and mafia 3 is americanthats all

  • StaryY TaScheR

    Я шо тут один русский?

  • Cayden McCormick

    Whaaat? Mafia 3 has bulletproof glass, that's regarded, cop cars did not have bulletproof glass.

  • Great Man

    I really miss Mafia 1 😒

  • STEAMcry

    great old school czech programing - well made video :)


    Mafia 3 is the best game of open worlds

  • juststuff #coolnsimple

    Mafia 3 because character is black

  • Corbyn Phallus McVan der graaf

    if only game developers weren't pressured by dumb deadlines

  • GabiN64

    I believe this happens when companies focus too much on graphics and visuals that core mechanics suffer. Only the elite companies could do it.

  • Might Canon

    Graphics don't matter! Gameplay matter! That's why Mafia 3 sucks!!!!!!!

  • jan jan

    yeah real si mafie 1 car never expolde in real

  • Guseyn Mirzaev

    mafia 1 is the better than mafia 3

  • Braydon Winkelman

    Not all cops wish you to die in mafia 1, but they do in mafia 3 only because he's a different race.

  • Wisdom,Power,Donut

    didn't mention that the glass stays in mafia 1, or the tickets, or the signals, or all of the other little details that were in there...there's a lot so it fine.

  • ANARCHY 91

    mafia 1 graphics look like crap

  • Zack 2002

    Mafia 3 wasn't the best game but at least they made it

  • JedynyNiemaszglowy

    fuck me I remember the hype for M3. fucking burgers are really the best at producing, marketing and distributing of BULLSHIT. We could expect that when they announced a black is gonna be main protagonist though.


    MAFIA 1 needs to be REMASTERED!!!!!

  • kevin_nahuel2010

    mafia 1 should be remade but i hope tommy angelo's face looks a lot like in the first game because in the mafia 2 mission he was nothing like tom

  • Ondřej Matějka

    Why Mafia 3 looks so blurry? Is it normal or it can be turned off? It looks terrible.

  • DAVe Vlazyn

    @GabiN64When companies focus on making its games politically correct.

  • eyeCU13

    I knew they could never top M1, it was that good!What's really depressing is how dumb down most games are today! The majority of the AAA titles have adopted the practice of over explaining everything. And the most annoying part of that are the icons over the heads of the AI. My god, I really wanna kill the guy who made that happen! If I know who did it, I swear would kill him and I would take the blame. When the police comes, I won't deny it. I would be like: "yup, it was me, and that's the knife I used". I mean seriously, what's up with the: "here, that's the target/bad guy. Kill him!" Like we are stupid or something. Also, "this is the status of this guy, he is angry or suspicious". In the old days we were supposed to figure that out on our own. And the developers were using clever tactics like body language and dialog to give clues about who is who. Nope, that's gone now! Here we highlight everything and just to be safe, we put shiny arrows and shit, in case you are retarded. Wow, what a cool game! And more Quick Time Events please, cause those are so awesome and really complement the gameplay. Make sure I don't have to think about anything, cause we wouldn't want that now. Would we?, it's too risky!

  • Mafiapau

    Same like GTA IV vs. GTA V :DDD

  • Andrey Andreev

    2:00 ночь же, вот нигера и не видно

  • The bloody gamer

    0:39 what is he doing with his arm?

  • Sr Sedentário

    mafia 1 and 2 is better than mafia 3.. fact

  • Ka Po Fong

    Even (III) is worst n GTA III

  • george aka Angrycheese

    This is the dumbest fuckign video of the year. None of these comparisons are accurate.

  • KDingo81

    Mafia 1 had an incredible level of detail in so many things. Mafia 2 was already a watered down version, probably to make it more/easier accessable for casual gamers.Mafia 3 is the absolute watered down version, there is next to no eye for details left. Its totaly dumbed down to please the casual gamer crowd. As detail is far to complicated and difficult to understand/get used to.If this goes on and we get a mafia 4 at some point i expect it to be some sort of interactive cut szene that just randomy expects the player to hit a button. The ultimate casual gamer, low difficulty easy accessable gameplay, in which they can use all their skills to beat the game/interactive cutszene.Back in the days when games have been made for nerds (for the most part), they have been complicated with lots of deep level of detail that could be appreciated. But since it has been mainstreamed to fit the "we want to hit some buttons every now and then and consider us skilled players to do so" casual gamer crowd. All the love for detail, all the complicated game mechanics are gone. That what once allowed for different approaches and tactics is no down to stupid "game doesnt allow" stuff. Like mafia 1, hit the fuel tank 2-3 times car goes boom, hit it in the side, nothing happens besides it getting some holes.For casual gamer this is to difficult, so it has been changed to "hit the car somewhere and it goes boom at one point", ultimate dumbed down and outright stupid. But thats the crowd it is aimed for to sell the most. Probably says a lot about human race.

  • Gianluca Badejo

    OK, let's bust all your myths here hater. 1) You can't blow up a car by shooting it's engine either. Both games use Hollywood tropes.2) And jaywalkers don't exist in the 'real world' ? You prefer the zombie like predictability of M1 NPCs to the organic, unpredictable nature of M3 NPC ?3) The cop did what he is supposed to do. He called a crime the instant you pulled your gun. You are a black man in the 1960's. Of course he's going to shoot you if you pull a gun on him ! A cop is not going to shoot a made man unless shot at first.4) You ran around a cop in a circle. Both players died. Your point is ?5) Surely punching tempered glass without injury is not a sign of realism ?6) A dead body has it's physics removed. This way you don't get trapped in a doorway by a body, like you always did in Mafia 1 and 2. It also removes unnecessary stress on the CPU having to apply PhysX needlessly to stiffs, when you need all the processing power you can muster in a gun battle against 30 NPC.7) Mafia 1 man can run into cars undamaged like he is The Hulk ? Great !8) Mafia 3 also has breaking and entering of cars. It even has it as an earnable perk.9) Patched out in November 2016. The version you were playing is so old as to be irrelevant.

  • Ginger Gaming

    the lady in the beginning that got hit by the car had me dying the rest of the video

  • Urs Mayer

    Mafia is the best game ever. Anyone who denies it has just earned the right to suck the urine deep deep from my long thick cock

  • 0626thejeremy

    mafia 4 should go to 1970s

  • Tùng Gamer

    I think ill play Mafia I 4k

  • Roliee95

    mafia 1 had a normal story with really good gameplay i still play mafia 1 some time i really like it's story and still couldn't find any bug xd

  • Ruben Ulikhanyan

    I think that the game industry need to write a law and do not let newborn companys to make brand games.It is same that give GTA to Ubisoft lol.

  • Felipe Castilho

    Wow man, this Mafia 1 song is so nostalgic!!! I miss so much those times...

  • Jonh Cena

    dont forget in mafia 1 you get police ticket by speeding :v

  • GraveDigger

    Я помню мы шутили, когда вышла первая мафия, что там машины гнутся так, будто сделаны из титана толщиной в дюйм. О, как мы ошибались...

  • timi igre

    can mafia 1 run on 64 bit pc?

  • Bunka Fas

    DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN DEVS MADE GAMES FOR THE AGE RATING INTENDED AND UP ? I swear ALL games are just for stupid fucking kids of 12 years old... 'Oh we cant make it TOO hard or they wont tell all their friends at school to buy it !!'

  • Andrey K

    Быдло и так схавает.зачем утруждаться

  • pinco pallo

    Mafia 1 cannot be compared to almost nothing, no other game gave me such feelings like it..... Obviosly u cannot compare to a shitty game too

  • TheRealist

    I spent 10 years playing Mafia 1... Mafia 2 was shit tho.

  • Ingve Fredriksen

    mafia is not that relistic because you cant punch a car, and then it just deforms ??????

  • Chris Anderson


  • Sanjiban Bhattacharya

    La Noire is the actual successor of Mafia 1. Not Mafia 2 or Mafia 3.

  • EasternGE1[μησ™]

    Mafia 10/10Mafia 2 8.5/10Mafia 3 4/10

  • Ka Po Fong

    Worst game in Mafia series

  • Shamil Valiev

    Прикол в том, что во времена Вьетнамской войны было много расистов, судя по вступлению в Мафии 3. Соответственно копы с подозрением относились к неграм). Да достаточно посмотреть на нынешнюю ситуацию в США с убийством афроамериканцев полицией.

  • Ricardo González

    the cop part it's accurate, things back then in new orleans were really hard for black people as there was a lot of racism, as for the AI well that's another story. And i say this because of the point: 'not all cops want you to die', but in New Orleans was exactly like that. Have you ever seen the Straight out of Compton movie where the cop stops an NWA member just outside the studio just because he is in a quite, calm and more importantly white neighbourhood? And do you know what's the worst part? it was a black cop arresting the whole band. These are different points in history NWA(90s) and 70s' New Orleans but that only shows you how slow things are still changing in terms of racial difference, because even to this day there are racial problems and it's so deep in their culture and controversial that people tend to be very cautious when talking about that itgets very weird that you can feel the tension. So that's what they wanted to capture, that was very real and it was accurately depicted in Mafia 3. Again I'm not talking about the AI, because that's indisputable it sucks so hard

  • DJ Thanos

    In Mafia 1 the AI could not spot you behind walls. Instead they kept looking around for you and throw taunts

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