Mafia 3 vs Mafia 2 (№2)

2016 vs 2010
max settings Mafia 2/3
Animals -
Core i5 3570K
GTX 1060 6GB
Windows 10
  • Marauder Shields

    your comparision is all over the place

  • Eduard Makarchev

    У меня не было злого умысла, (как многие тут выражаются, поливать игру отходами организма), изначально цель была в указании ошибок и недоработок. Надеюсь что издатель и разработчик выпустят следующую часть более качественным и проработанным проектом. Спасибо за внимание!

  • Vargiblodet

    Holy shit Mafia 2 was ahead of its time

  • AndrewDet

    Мафия 2 разве в 2010 году вышла? Как щас помню, в конце 9-ого года купил пиратку в каком-то магазе.

  • Astrophysics

    MAFIA 3 please.... stop trying to fucking beat GTA you just can't do it Mafia 2 was special because it was different and unique and it didn't even feel like a GTA clone but a real game on its own. :)

  • Thirtiesguy

    You can't change clothes in M3...

  • Defter Dart

    Mafia 3 would be a little bit better if it had dose small details

  • 1Man1Army Pros

    mafia 2 make Mafia 3 look like shit

  • Flare I am

    The winter one is an unfair point Mafia 3 is in New Orleans, Louisiana.

  • Oscar Ivan Acosta Salazar

    Because I have the impression that developers now care less or nothing for us, is that I see this and I can not help but amaze me with so many details that Mafia II has and this new game not have and is inevitable for me to feel that those developers put love into the game and they did so thinking of us while now only seek our money

  • Jani Hotpockets

    mafia 2 even looks better, how could they mess up so badly

  • Osman Oglu

    And Mafia 2 was not even 100% of what they wanted to do with the game. They took out so many things before launch, melee weapons such as knife brass knuckles baseball bat, shooting from car, shooting from cover, being able to use taxis, and a subway which you are in in one mission but it was supposed to be like the train in Mafia 1, also the bus, etc, so many things were taken out. Which is the one and only thing I hate about Mafia 2, they should really remake that game with new engine, better graphics, and all the things that were taken out. Would be 10 times better than Mafia 3 could be in anyway.Some more things that were taken out were the gangs and mafias in the city would be more "living" as in they would interact with the player more, if you killed a lot of civilians your boss would call you and tell you to stop, if you didn't he would send hitman after you, if you went to the irish pub and killed people the irish mafia would go after you, there is a building that's fairly large but completely abandoned in the middle of the city, that building is a car sale place you were able to buy a car from there instead of stealing it, etc, etc. So many things were taken out sadly.

  • XReckoningX

    Just an English comment passing through don't mind me...

  • v L u k E v 94

    Let's face it mafia 3 is shit lets just stop lying to ourself its fucking terrible why in gods name they gave it to hanger 13 to make I have no idea

  • Kaira Kabiken

    Отлично! Помню, когда вышла мафия 2 все ее обсирали за сюжет и за вырезанность. Но на фоне мафии 3 она значительно лучше, а первая так и осталась Шедевром. Го №2 Мафия 1 против Мафии 3!

  • Nicole Oshen

    Mafia 2 looked way better. More immersive too

  • Eterna1Ice

    The one time Mafia gets an open world, it loses 75% of its features that people really wanted to see in it.

  • Ollie

    Am I the only one who preferred the graphics in Mafia 2? Mafia 3 has a weird highlighting effect to the cars, the draw-distance feels terrible and the physics just do not compare... I personally feel that Mafia 3 is a massive let down to what could have been a fantastic game.

  • LiquidCrystal

    Mafia 3 is the biggest disappointment in 2016

  • theoroinvictus

    damn I forgot how good the physx particles and clothing looked in mafia 2

  • Truth University

    I keep telling people that Mafia 2 was a Masterpiece. Except the expansions though, the DLC for that was Beyond Trash.

  • Admiral Ackbar

    Even the yellow tape rips as he crosses. What attention to detail. Shame that newer game will always remain a shadow of the past.

  • MikeIsLive

    Mafia 2 looks better than gta 5, and that's sad, since mafia 2 came out way before gta

  • Krivulda

    This just sums up why Mafia III is piece of garbage and why Hangar 13 should burn in hell.

  • Goo

    Czech mafia 1 and 2 is the best, but 3 is not Czech so that trash

  • Dakota Andrews

    Man I'm glad I picked up such a great game for only 6 bucks (2k humble bundle).The attention to detail in Mafia 2 is INSANE.

  • taduska042

    the combat and story for this game (mafia3) is good but details and other things are bad because the game was rushed

  • Joshua Willis

    Wow talk about biased. You literally only showed negative things for Mafia 3 and positive things for Mafia 2. You didn't show how realistic Mafia 3 is in terms of people. Like how there are people who can witness crimes now. Or how you can't go into certain stores or restaurants because you're black or that you can now shoot out of your car. You also didn't mention the problems that Mafia 2 had and Mafia 3 improved on. it's more difficult. Plus you can save your money. And you have a more variety of weapons and new ones. Much more that you did not mention too.

  • Lexi Anderson

    If this is about seeing which game is more realistic mafia 2 is to me

  • SpliTSideZ

    I get that Mafia 3 is worse than Mafia 2 but you are being way too nitpicky about half of the stuff in the video

  • Fduch7

    what if mafia 2 was designed in other engine like Frostbite?

  • Oscar Morgan

    they should remaster mafia 2 for the xbox one and ps4

  • Octavio Navarro

    mafia 2 win y mafia 3 wuin

  • Adam S.

    Mafia III wins with mafia II At being a piece of shit.

  • Samuel Mracka

    There are a few types of people who say mafia III is better than II or I...-Americans who can't admit that they could fuck something up so badly-People who have been payed to say it-Little kids-People who didn't play the previous 2 games

  • Major- Texnar'

    Диски ты блять никак не снимешь, потому что это КОЛПАКИ олень

  • cXmHUG0 1A2

    The details in mafia 2 is so good

  • Yiğithan Yılmaz

    How Do You Walk With Keyboard On Mafia II ?

  • Gabriel Ribeiro

    everyone bitching about mafia 3 will never know how great that game is

  • Ryan Airth

    I feel Mafia 3 could have done with another 1/2 years development

  • Maxwell Tanner

    You're awfully biased in these comparissons. I men I agree, Mafia III sucks, but... violation of physics? Seriously? When Mafia II doesn't let you jump out of the car at all?

  • Dzhon Kramer

    Мафия 2 легендарная игра а 3ая часть это просто клон Гта...

  • Anonymous Hmei7

    mafia 2 or mafia 3? who is the best?

  • lol

    Who the fuck plays Mafia in russian? it sounds like trash


    WOW thank goodness I didnt waist my money on M3

  • Andy Sutherland

    I mean you can't blame mafia 3 for not having winter when they don't have winter in New Orleans which the city of mafia 3 is based on

  • ELS.44


  • Blaze Of Glory

    Today it's all just about money... Previously there was more passion behind making games.

  • Dirty Dan

    The winter one is irrelevant theres no snow in Louisiana or at least as much as there is in New York

  • The Muffin Man185

    I haven't played mafia 2, but I sorta do now.

  • Atrociouz

    May I ask why you play the games in Russian?

  • Moncho-Vlogs y Gameplays

    Mafia II:Physics, Better sanbox, more freedomMafia III:Graphics :v

  • Kat

    I haven't played Mafia 2, but holy shit I need to get it now

  • General Hacks

    how to do that on 00:45 plz tell me

  • CYBEREX 14

    Some of these are things that aren't even like supposed to be in mafia 3. I think mafia 3 takes place in New Orleans or some shit. Do you think there's any snow over there?

  • Fudgel

    Is this supposed to be a comparison video? You only showed 1 game for most of the video

  • astral plane crash

    Mafia 3 is the better game but good VIDEO!

  • MrIlman

    если ты сравниваешь, то почему на некоторые критерии показана только одна серия (3 или 2). Должно быть так: вид камеры. Надо было показать и в 3ей и во 2ой мафии. А то как-то странно. Даже не сравнение

  • Antiks 7

    How about the number one issue....main character is a black guy!!!! It's like if the next Yakuza game and the main character is Pakistani...has nothing to do with hating black ppl or racism. It is just fucking stupid.

  • Krasava 7.7.7

    мафия 2 👍👍👍сам играл графика проста 👍👍и действия вито круче

  • Max Hansen

    They don't have winter in New Orleans, wtf kind of complaint was that

  • mistery1468

    GTA San Andreas is more realistic than Mafia 3..

  • Ecap

    Damn I never played mafia 2... I'm impressed... I beat mafia 3 on the 2nd day it came out and it felt like it could have been more.

  • ult1matum

    Зима, возможность утилизировать машины, возможность снять трубку это бред полный

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