Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Why Take the Chance? Mafia III PS4

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  • Cyan Zhang

    Who is happy af cuz smoove survived

  • The Bouks Gaming HD

    Stay safe Smoove. You inspire everyone and we don't want you gone ✌.

  • Joe Friel

    i guess smoove wont continue fifa

  • JaCoyus Whitmill

    smoove said hurricane matthew aint got nothing on him!

  • TheJuggernautzombie

    hurricane matthew trying to mess with smoove wouldve been a noob move

  • MovieHound17

    thumbs up if your also one of those players that thought to immediately put that guards body in the furnace LOL.

  • Nehemiah Hickman

    Still ain't nothing beating smoove's uncharted 4 series doe

  • 5PIDER_


  • Hugh G Rection

    Hello hope u are well smoove hurricane Mathew was nasty love from the UK yea

  • Marko Jovanovic

    GTA San Andreas first mission steal bike GTA V steal car Mafia III steal armored truck.Blacks are criminals :D

  • i have monies

    smoove the type of dude to through up blood when hes crip

  • growingb11

    finally black protagonists are in the limelight.

  • Derwin Johnson

    Wtf happened to FIFA 17 Smoove???

  • Adam Newman Csgo and more

    I've watch all of smoove a videos since 2015 marchI had watch vid since 2012 but not all videos

  • Alex TheProdigy

    Not gonna lie, if anything bad happened to you in that hurricane, I would've KMS

  • MrSplashMan

    Have you ever been trolled? Read more

  • Brando ovalle

    Mafia 3 es una mierda de juego con graficos feos y juego aburrido

  • Saalaamaance

    I thought you were the commentator from the starting of the game (the person reading the words in the game)

  • Jodey Octave

    Can you try dragonball xenoverse 2 when it comes out

  • MVPxD Gaming

    Nice walkthrough Chris

  • V.G. Victory

    Chris Savage!!! Fucking awesome wrestling name!

  • YoungLex336

    lmaoo there was a Tommy gun next to you how you ain't see it

  • CarterTv

    Mafia 3 or Friday the 13th

  • AP ™

    Every african american is TRIGGERED right now lol! ....btw i am black so including me

  • Water Melon

    thank goodness Smoove is splashing hope he does watchdogs 2 In november

  • mon dan

    Every time you break into a car say "Ima smoooove criminal"

  • Icetray

    You've got the BEST ACCENT EVER!

  • RevyFam 2256

    I'm sorry but are you off fucking retard there was so many guns

  • Afaq Khan

    Lincoln voice isn't Michael jai white?

  • vaishakh narayanan

    it's offline or online?

  • Têçh Iñfø

    What is the configuration of your PC sir?

  • Jabunator

    february 27th 1968 in the game, thats the day Frankie Lymon died

  • Matthew Velme

    Who else fucking loooooovvved mafia 2

  • Tj and Ej

    how they not gonna continue the ending of mafia2

  • jani nah mango


  • Moussa Diarrag

    waouh le scénario est stupéfiant

  • The hardest Road


  • D.B. Cooper

    Us broke niggas gotta watch the walkthroughs cause we can't afford a ps4/Xbox 1

  • JordanB272

    You already know I'm waiting from that 1080p

  • colin carpenter

    mafia series is amazing

  • Cosmo_Pirate

    The story about the woman and baby and the pig is missed up as hell

  • malyna corbitt

    omg guy and furnace equals pain

  • Nexus Cabañelez

    Your voice... Fits for a commercial vid xD

  • Joe Crimson

    where's the next episode of Fifa 17 at smoove???

  • B.A. Miracles

    Love you Chris! No homo -_-

  • Jonaid H S salic

    did the rockstar games makes that game?

  • Skinny Maurice A.K.A Charles

    Well Damn. Found me a black radbrad!


    #It'sreadyforprimetime #splash

  • Jason Gholar

    What is Sammy's accent

  • Hector Mercedes

    1:59 Dominican?!! Well, that took me by surprise 😐😐

  • Kevin

    the guy who voiced the white paramilitary senatory type dude was a terrible voice actor. Way over-acting. And not in a character choice type of way. Just came off as inauthentic in a bad way

  • malyna corbitt

    omg guy and furnace equals pain

  • unknown me

    guys i have 4 GB ram and 2 GB AMD radeon graphics card and AMD processor quad core will the game run smooth

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