Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 17 - Bulletproof Truck (Mafia III PS4)

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  • Troy Stewart

    Give that guy a pillow...... we all need one now

  • Harambe

    Smoove do you realize it's 12:53 AM! i have school in the morning!

  • alex palmer

    Why tf do i see 6 first comments last time i checked only 1 can be first

  • Stephen Chu

    when college apps are due tonight but smoove uploads a new video

  • Kalvin Smack

    I wish there was more support on these videos so smoove could make it splash

  • Arktika

    Come on you gotta put em out faster bro 😭

  • Got Game?

    Where the Notification squad at

  • Chuckafe Gaming

    Bruh look in the background at 6:27

  • Not a Dribble god

    I got a test in the morning but it's mafia 3 so the test can wait If I fail my test I'm blaming it on smoove

  • MyZe


  • tropicAces

    Pumped for the next Mafia III video on Sunday

  • ATL

    Another series bites the dustEdit: Nevermind

  • rainman651

    Notification gang where you at?

  • SeDhare Bell

    Not that I'm complaining but smoove been taking so long to upload a video, it causes me to forget what happened in the previous video to remember the story

  • Savage23Baller

    Am i the only dat youtube don't send Smoove notification to?

  • DevDismaL

    I can't wait for watch dogs 2 walk through... first one was dumb lit

  • KallMe Chris

    what's going on Chris, whats happening to the series I can't wait any longer

  • Free Thought

    Mafia III blew a 3-1 lead.

  • John Mathis

    come on, Smoove. half of the video is cutscenes! 😑

  • John Shaw

    he probably can't beat the next level

  • Allie Reitz

    Where's the faster uploads

  • Joshua Acosta

    can you put up one more mafia video and give it a try to make it splash again

  • Eddie Davis

    see all the mafia videos from u and 2k only ones i watch ima check out your watch dogs

  • Gabriel Quintana

    what happened to mafia 3 uploads???

  • Derrick Carter

    when are you going to make another mafia 3 part

  • Kostas Papadimos

    when is part 18 coming out?

  • mike craft

    Why stop with the gameplay at #17

  • Daniel Rain

    He stopped posting the series because it wasn't getting that many views

  • Jaylin Miller

    need more videos coolest game out

  • DKing

    Mafia? Where's it at Smoove?

  • Just that Gamer

    Y u stop uploading mafia 3

  • John Singh

    I still hope that smoove uploads the rest of it.

  • ayo bob bob

    Where's the new vid

  • Griffball Champions

    when are you gonna upload the next episode of Mafia 3?

  • Ben Brenizer

    smoove do a skyrim remastered playthro

  • Terence Sellers

    what about the ending of mafia3

  • Tony Snell

    RIP Mafia 3 Oct 7-Oct 31

  • Willie Reece

    Just stopped making mafia videos bruh


    Smoove it's been 2 weeks since your last Mafia video come on baby.

  • Jonah Hammontree

    Smoove, where's the next episode at?

  • CJ Miles

    Another Series Dead Smh

  • Davonn Long

    Smoove where the rest of the series

  • Keiran Kyambadde

    he never made another one :(

  • Pat Nelson

    we need a upload smoove!

  • Im Saucin

    Cmon smooth I need another Mafia ||| video

  • taurance mckinney

    no mo videos for mafia 3 that's not smooth

  • Jose Caceres

    Smoove you gotta hurry up with these vids we want more mafia 3

  • Damian Maturo

    Can u Mack a new video why do the 6,000 of us have to suffer

  • Gabriel Cajar

    Chris, You doing part #18 soon.

  • Matt Casapao

    Still waiting for part 18

  • Jaden Hymans

    do you plan on finishing the game anytime soon?

  • justin ontiveros

    what happened to part 18?

  • Yousef Sarkhoh

    Smoove man where's part 18? We are waiting

  • Soul Lo

    More mafia bro bro ! Great series man

  • Chef Sooknanan

    Yooooo what happens to the rest

  • TheNightsquirell


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