Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 10 - Sniper (Mafia III PS4)

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  • Qaletqa Walker

    why was your dick not out?

  • Derrick Rose

    Wanna hear a joke? My Knees!

  • Mike B

    when smoove hasnt been a sniper from mw2.. damn near that long..

  • Joeyplaysgames

    i've liked and liked but the uploads are still slow

  • A-Cash Money

    Hey girl if you were a math problem I'd feel your quantitties

  • OG Loc Dawg

    I'm so glad you can leave voice messages as comments now!!Wanna hear my opinion?▶ 🔘──────── 00:21

  • Nick Slowey

    We need more of these ASAP

  • JordanB272

    You do not know how happy I am

  • markk howardd

    head shot , ak make yo head rock

  • Prince

    ohhhhhhhi smoove with that cliff hanger cheeeese!!

  • Derrick Wade

    still can't believe Denver got cut from the Celtics 😩

  • Game 6

    give that guy a headset! lol

  • John Singh

    If they pop they drop. Its catchy right?

  • Rasheed Robert

    long night at the strip club thugging and being a savage with my friends now I'm snuggled in bed with my teddy bear watching Chris smoove videos

  • Jad Yassine

    10:44 when u think Smoove will finally die in a video game, but Smoove hits u with the invincibility 🧀

  • Vinceman009

    Anybody else not have school tomorrow?

  • Savage23Baller

    who agrees that it's been a smoove series

  • Shaw Nfl and NBA talk


  • Carlos Poppin'

    uploaaad more Mafia 3 actions bruuh 🔫💯

  • Randen Ragan

    one shot one kill what's the deal? ha haaa

  • Dias Wijaya

    where is our NBA 2K17 and FIFA17?

  • Derek Garret

    dont expect last of us 2 till 2021

  • vOfficialSnagger

    Sub to me and I will sub back comment done when you subbed

  • Jrock HD

    I think drowning or getting buried alive is tha worst way to die

  • Mo Fiya

    Oh that guy dies of shock!!! Lol

  • Erik Nordlund

    Everyone's tryin to throw their mix-tapes at Smoove!

  • CJ Lapingcao

    More mafia smooveim lovin it

  • Tech King

    "One shot one kill what's the deal what's the deal. listen lil homie when it rains it pours." 50 Cent

  • Eric Craig

    Chris is the GOAT of commentary

  • YFBC

    Smoove, just please do not, and I repeat DO NOT pick RULE ALONE, DO NOT PICK THAT

  • Maria Muller

    I wish he would of started playing don't stop me now at 6:12 to 6:30

  • Damon Thomas

    Chris Savage in full effect @ 6:43! 🎯Place brain matter here💢

  • Masioni & Cheese

    burning is actually the most painful death

  • Seananay

    damn... lowkey wanna buss in that haitian chick

  • WH15P3R3R

    You need to do 3 uploads a day bruuuh

  • Muneeb Ahmad

    7:23 Batman The killing joke lmao

  • lil JuJu


  • Ruthless Covers

    pls more mafia and pls post moses cuh already man. i've been waiting for moses!!!!

  • Matt Bowman

    cmon cuhhhh where the uploads at

  • JcersHabs018

    That cliffhanger cheese

  • Vchikis

    Legend says if I type SPLAAAAASH Chris will comment!!

  • Lyrikal Nelson

    I'm use to Chris not making any mistakes. .. your not making smoove moves

  • Md Motaleb Hossain

    man you are sometimes too much excited, and you are certainly too much loud.

  • Hayden Kruger

    more mafia uploads would be a smoove move

  • The Little Engie That Was Surprised He Couldn't

    10:15 Smoove be making noob moves lol.

  • Xeno Fract

    How do u scope in the sniper on mafia

  • Solluminati snapback

    stealth is the key to success

  • Elijah Rodriguez

    Watch dog 2 videos I mean

  • Platano_Josh

    MORE MAFIA 3 UPLOADS !! stop leaving us hanging , after all we've been through

  • Omar Boothe

    c'mon smoove where part 11 at?

  • Aliou Traore

    make a marathon chris smoove

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