Mafia 3 - (SPOILERS) Cassandra Epilogue


IGN shows you the fate of New Bordeaux if Lincoln decides to abandon his life of crime and Cassandra is his top earning lieutenant when he leaves town.
  • Jannick Scott

    Am i the only one who think that shit 2:27 is horrorfying asf?

  • Luiz Felipe

    Basically leaving the town for Vito is the best outcome possible

  • Alan Scram sagger

    So Burke and Cassandra fail and Vito and Lincoln are the only ones who succeed

  • Christopher Buckley

    Vito: Still rules the city Burke: Killed in a shootout 1984Cassandra: Unknown fate after Hurricane.

  • Tranehead64

    government said , black women running the city hell no fuck that town

  • Tosha Evans

    lincoln's advice to cassandra was don't fuck everything up but the bitch fucked everything up and started a war.

  • BasilFawlty3

    Burke was my favorite underboss but Vito really deserved the throne after fighting for power his entire life


    I think she was responsible for hurricane Cassandra. After all she did died once and who ever Cassandra is she then a ghost. She a witch

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