Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 - Merle Jackson (Mafia III PS4)

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  • Derrick Rose

    Faster uploads would be a smoove move

  • GamingWithElijah GWE

    5 minutes after upload: "SMOOVE WHERE ARE THE MAFIA III VIDEOS"

  • Southwest Rami

    When that one guy said the n word smoove was low key mad and threw fire at em lmao

  • ToxicOtter

    We need more faster please smoove

  • JBG God

    That's what happens when you call us niggers 11:50

  • Lebron James Hairline

    the cheese o was waiting we need faster upload Smoove but great video tho

  • Action Jackson

    You leak your life goes bleak

  • J.j peters

    Chris post more mafia 3 more often at least 3 a day


    We need more of these asap smoove

  • Peyton Bergman

    You making noob moves smoove, videos getting shorter and uploaded less often. Come on cuhhhh!

  • Boss Clyne

    bru I love watching ur vids u funny as hell👍👍👍

  • Elijah Daley

    i love killin white supremascist for all they done to me n my family n shit im only 15 n i got racist whites aftwr me

  • Joseph Marcelo

    Smoove we need faster uploads man make it splash

  • Blade Seraun

    nice liked again booom

  • KallMe Chris

    I dont want to cheat on CHRIS, COME ON CUHHH!

  • Marco H

    faster uploads man, i dont want to cheat on u no homo

  • Hunter Jones

    i appreciate the whole Louisiana setting 🙏

  • Paul F.

    If you leak that's not discreet

  • Matthew456987

    We need at least 2 videos per day smoove !!!

  • Versace Lettuce

    you leak lincoln makes you sleep

  • Bill Joe

    "You leak I peak"

  • I'm dat Guy

    At 12:19 you can find the first wireless telephone

  • J.J. Carr

    Does Joe from Mafia II show up since Vito does?

  • Kyrie Irving


  • OhhMarkie

    Make longer videos smoove cmon cuhhh

  • Camren God

    please make longer bids smoove

  • Reynaldo Monzon jr garcia

    You should make longer videos

  • Bearely

    If you leaking, I be peaking.

  • Tope the great

    love u Chris please reply back

  • Makeithappen 19

    Is that ving rhames or whatever his name is

  • James Kelleher

    faster uploads man don't make me switch to the radbrad :(

  • méz geri

    Stop using the Cheater's vision, it's for Noobs! :(

  • King Otto

    He will make you wait the next day until around the same time


    Aye Smoove bring us some more mafia 3 but make the videos longer cuhh

  • mohammad mirza

    Yo Chris bless us with another upload.... xD <3

  • jeremy collins

    Who gave russel Wilson a gun?

  • Sbeast Bock

    Idk why you don't upload more , time to upgrade your business model

  • Jagaur D. Saul

    yo smoove we need more upload cheese

  • Danny Ramirez

    The AI is worst than that last Hitman game

  • Ryan Huggins

    Make more of these fast I love the vids

  • Mikavius Williams

    As soon as you peak you sleep

  • R Pierre

    The story is very long so consider making your vids slightly longer please


    Can't remember if Joe from mafia II dies or not but it'd be nice if he could make a return in the series

  • Raitis Gutans

    Just love those Uugh's and Aagh's :D

  • Young Dingler

    Come On Cuuuuuuh hook us up with another video!!

  • berleezy collecting himself

    bruh once you start watching Chris smoove videos you can't watch any other walkthrough YouTuber

  • Lluminaa

    Smoove, chill on that 2k it's all about that mafia 3 and we need faster uploads!

  • Random Persons

    Anyone else youtube not working?

  • Juan Vasquez

    Give me them faster uploads!

  • Lawson Talley

    I have the beasting And feasting

  • Isaac Pachis

    chris smoove is a savage 😂😂😂

  • John Benedict Santos

    Chris Savage!!!!! No leaks allowed!!! And watching that guy burn!!

  • Nicholas Johnson

    come on cuz we need a Another 1

  • julio acosta

    Smoove please just let it fly

  • KingRouceTUBE

    Please. Make some livestream

  • Tyran Harris

    We NEED faster uploads

  • Al Me

    make a longer videos plzzz

  • Jarez Moss

    Lincoln clay > Luke cage

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