Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 14 - Roy (Mafia III PS4)

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  • Bernard Allotey

    Didn't upload your most popular series in 4 days,That's a nooooooob mooove.

  • Kyle Alriche

    its about damn time smoove

  • Eddie Thomas



    I wish Mafia 3 got more love and support. Smoove has some of, if not, the best commentary and walkthroughs on youtube

  • burnintheparadise

    Chris, you gotta keep splashing these videos. I was so close to cheating man

  • Nightmares

    Come on Smoove, we need those 20-30 minute uploads.

  • Moreus

    Smoove when you gonna upload that BATTLEFIELD 1 BABYYYY. Make it splash

  • king bishop

    2k release two unfinish game back to back

  • malyfsborin

    Faster upload my ASS!!!

  • E.C. James

    I didn't even know that these are the actual faces of the actors lol I feel dumb 😂

  • Jean Pierre Wehry

    Smoove let me taste your nuts plz

  • Shaun Davis

    dam 2ks got mafia nba now its time to make a nfl game and 2k will better than ea

  • Michael Wang

    Smoove: who u gonna call??Me: Ghostbusters!!!,

  • Travis Stoll

    Keep the videos coming smoove

  • RapShit NL

    Faster uploads!!!!!!!!! Please

  • Ted Johnson

    Aye smooth you're the figgin best... big ups on gp

  • Puteri Nadia Norazizan


  • Ronnie J.

    Hey Chris Smoove when are you going start back up with Mafia 3 .

  • Young Bull

    smoove make your mafia 3 videos longer please!!!

  • Jelani Swanston

    Just about to sleep cuh!

  • Kerns bdk

    smoove you lacking man i know you can give more videos please man

  • Carey Grattan

    That's a sweet 4 dr convertible at 13:40

  • Lavon Agnew

    Do you do commentate while playing or do you commentate pre made videos.?

  • Moctezuma Leanin


  • Enso Green

    Yo do you not know how to crouch yo? Click the right analog for Christ sake.

  • KrisztianTV

    Upload mafia 3 multiple times a day who else agrees?

  • hnswav

    Lincolns dog tags coming out of his back lol

  • TeaCup Pig

    When you upgrade your money lady, she'll pick up the kickback for you too Smoove

  • Robb Youtube

    Can you give me a shoutout for my birthday

  • Malcolm Brown


  • GameOver96

    2:00 Hey where is the ha haaaaaaaaa ?

  • Steven Cayetano

    finally Chris make them more longer

  • Harry Bleakley

    chris savage beastin n feastin on these noobs

  • Kervens Bazile

    Add me on PS4 Kervens_34

  • Chikyū hakai ken leaves you with 0 HP

    4:12What the?! YOU AIN'T ROY JONES, BAY-BEE!!! C'MON SMOOVE!

  • Samuel Liu

    YESSS, keep splashing these videos

  • riccardo holder

    yoo chris smoove gotta upload man, keep it real man,

  • TheExcelForce

    The commentary is hilarious!

  • Davon Lewis

    when is the next upload

  • Darrius Booker

    Upload more Chris Smoove!!!!!

  • tony foster

    thank u for brining it back now more plz love ur vids

  • pierre mukandila

    Smoove upload more mafia

  • Dei Prophetiae

    Chris Smoove waiting on noobs

  • Danny Brown

    damn smoove,where is the FIFA??

  • payton ;ockamy

    when he was looking at that table of bad guys i was THROW SOME FIRE ALREADY!!!!

  • Mr. Splashman

    Smoove with the motivation

  • Carlos is legal

    smooves phrases are too much😂😂😂

  • Franchise Fnatic

    more more more more 2 a day

  • Richard Lyons

    Keep the videos coming smoove !!

  • Tack Sappington

    7:52 the way he threw it 😂

  • slimmy j

    took you long enough 😂

  • Renzo __

    Faster uploads= 5 days

  • Efren Montero

    Where the FIFA at smoove

  • Blossom

    more mafia 3 😀 finally

  • Sang gor

    where's Moses??????

  • Reynold Trinidad

    Smoove you have 3mil subs, everyone got different reasons why they follow you. not everyone watches your 2k. try to keep everyone happy please. And make your money.

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