The Professional: Vito Opens Safe Without Raising Alarm. Gas Stamps. How to Switch Off (Mafia 2)

Gaining "The Professional" achievement: "Obtain the ration stamps without raising the alarm"... Watch more Mafia 2 videos:

Stealing gas stamps. Switching off the alarm beforehand. Chapter 3: Enemy of the State. Gameplay on Medium.

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  • Loop Hole

    How is that professional?That's a shit method. He's just knocking out the guards for the fun of it. When I do it I leave no signs of there being a break in. I avoid the guards completely, get the key, disable the alarm, steal the stamps and escape through the basement trap door. The hard part is selling all the stamps before midnight. You pretty much need to have one of the fastest cars in the game to do it which you probably wouldn't have at that stage of the story on your first play through.

  • Zachary Nemeth

    Just did this mission without killing any guards and I barely sold all gas stamps with the first car you get... it's possible

  • Mystic Pirate

    nice never thought of that I did it the normal way

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