Mafia 3 Cassandra Takes Over the City - Lincoln Clay Runs Away - Mafia 3 Secret Ending

Mafia 3 Cassandra Takes Over the City - Lincoln Clay Runs Away - Mafia 3 Secret Ending

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  • druid

    Can you also upload the ending where Burke takes over?

  • CpTKhalfa - Gameplay & Trailers

    Mafia 3 Burke Takes Over the City

  • ArdaBlock

    So, yeah, it's either Lincoln or Vito. Lincoln turned the city into, well, a nice city, with school fundings, theme parks and whatnot. Vito essentially turned the city into Las Vegas.

  • Gdadder

    This isn't a secret ending. None of these are. Stop saying they are just for views.

  • PhantomSavage

    So if you give the city to Vito, he essentially just replaces Sal Marcano.. if you give the city to Burke, he becomes Scarface.. and if you give the city to Cassandra she goes batshit crazy, murders EVERYONE, and turns the city into a rogue city-state.Looks like the city is in its best hands when Lincoln takes over.

  • Prince Niklaus

    I gave Vito all the power outta the respect of Mafia 2 TBH It was worth it 💯

  • BatBoyShark

    Been looking for this forever lol. It can only be Lincoln or Vito they bring peace.

  • Shanae Marie

    Cassandra was so ruthless the government found a way to ruin the city when they could not ruin her.

  • Drebin Co

    Pretty cool ending.I don't understand how people say she fucked up the city. The gangs couldn't stop her, the government couldn't stop her, it took a natural disaster to take the city away. The ending combines hurricane Katrina and the slow government response with the racial and gender stereotypes of the time. She took power and held power the problem was nobody respected who and what she was.

  • Jacob Densmore

    Am I the only one who hated Cassandra?

  • grose zero

    I wouldn't want to die watching "Deepthroat"


    In my opinion giving all to vito is the best because cassandra would basically kill everyone and die burke would sell drugs and then he would die too of course vito would do all these things but he's an gentleman like real mafia need to be and he wpuld not die so chose yourself

  • Youtube guru

    This ending is the most realistic to what actually happened in new Orleans

  • merle dixon jr

    0:56 that isn't John McKeithen

  • Kennan Dunn

    Best to worst endings1: Lincoln 2: Vito3: no one4: Burke5: Cassandra

  • Dzu Nguyen

    She died in 72 years ago

  • Brian Ely

    whats that music playing in the background

  • Ruben Oliva

    So basically she fucked everything up

  • G1999

    this ending makes no fucking sense, this would never ever happen and is completely unrealistic, thank fuck i let Vito take over

  • LuciF GRiN

    Damn, at first glance that dude at 0:07 with the shotgun looked like Lamar from Gta V. Lol

  • Brandon Daniel

    I got the we stick together trophy. fuck this shit. fair is fair

  • Jay

    Cassandra runs the city to shit

  • Max Frankow

    So its a good thing I gave her only table scraps.

  • shavy daley

    Well I killed her so she running anything

  • MrFuddyDuddy

    So basically New Bordeaux is completely fucked under Cassandra's control. When Clay leaves Vito taking over is the best option hands down.

  • Muhammad Lee

    thank you for posting this. I could not find out what happened if lincoln left and vito was already dead

  • ABC-easy-as-12B •

    Realistically seen though, shouldn't the government have also went after Lincoln for causing such a ruckus in New Bordeaux? I mean he went from district to district, killing, burning, shooting, looting, racing after and away from cars...etc. But the government never stepped in? I understand the whole "Yeah but Lincoln is the protagonist", but it is what would happen if it were reality.

  • Calinks

    Weird I gave everyone the same territory yet it said Cassandra took over.

  • KLiPSE

    To slice a man's throat while he watching some classic deep throat porn is just absolutely heinous. Just some shit you don't do smh.

  • Denis Koščak

    Is this the version when you give all districts to Cassandra and you are forced to kill Vito and Burke?

  • Templar Enforcer

    my ending was for vito

  • Auto performance

    How do you get this ending

  • Juan Cortes

    So basically, FUCK CASSANDRA AND FUCK BURKE. Just give all the territory to Vito and leave town

  • Erfan Huntley

    what happened to vito and burke?

  • Dee Harris

    Wow everybody hates on her. It even shows in the game. It's no surprise tho shawty got two strikes on her. Black AND Female. Shit, the woman who portrays her is fine as fuck lol Love this ending.


    Mafia 3 is bad game 2 is better 😆

  • LoZoPuertoRoCK

    Seems like Lincoln taking over is the best ending

  • Lucas McKee

    Unless you leave the city to Vito or Lincoln it goes to shit

  • Justin Wilson

    Cassandra looks like a walking dead character

  • korgpa4x korg

    So nothing came good out of Cassandra lol.


    what is the song in the background

  • lirum larum

    what is this cover version of paint it black called?

  • SonicGamingChannel

    So Vito and Lincon's endings were the best.Cassandra and Burke's were the worst.

  • Trev

    I killed Cassandra because I never trusted her intentionsShe pretended that Baka was holding her prisoner then took over his gangWay too demanding when it came to assigning districtsNaturally fucked things up in the end anyways. Good thing I whacked her and gave the city to Vito

  • Carl Ferguson

    So giving Cassandra power makes her the most dangerous woman in the country. That's way better than Vito or Burke.

  • xTraexEdge

    What is the song playing during this?

  • Nex _

    You killed Vito and Burke for this ? and if you did how ?

  • Let me suck your toes girl

    Makes killing her even more satisfying.

  • Cyrus1987

    At last stupid bitch ruined everything.

  • Putamus viam semper esse

    this ending is just plain stupid.

  • ShadowSniper08

    Lincoln and Vito for the win.

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