Mafia 3 vs Mafia 2

2016 vs 2010
max settings Mafia 2/3
Animals -
Core i5 3570K
GTX 1060 6GB
Windows 10
  • Drama Setter

    Shit vs mafia 2 would be correct name for that video

  • Fanthomas

    I finished mafia 2 ten times and i didnt know there is car wash.

  • ChronicYT45 Random videos & more!

    "Mafia 3 is more realistic" Cant even open a window in the game while the older game can,that's embarrassing

  • Barbrady

    I hope Mafia 4 will play in the 80's, love the cars of this era.

  • Leonardo macedo

    Mafia III seems to be made by a child for a School project.I pity for those who bought this crap.

  • Brian Brisco

    Mafia 2 is still the best game

  • NyanCatBg

    mafia 2 is better than mafia 3

  • Nick Riddman

    how can you even compare this shit to great Mafia 1 and 2

  • Alladeen Madafaker

    Good video,the only thing that bothers me is the russian or polish (whatever) language in the game

  • Alexandrix

    They destroyed the mafia series: PI mean the Mafia 3

  • Gamer o

    who notice the song from Ritchie valens

  • The Son

    Знаете, эти игры не... Ой, извините, видео перепутал. Где там цитаты из Мафии 2?

  • Imran Akhter

    My favourite game is Mafia 2 and Mafia 1,3 is garbage

  • sightinsight

    comparing mafia 2 to mafia 3 is like comparing gta 4 to gta 5 (older wins in both cases)

  • Robbie Freeman

    this is like saying "which is faster, a snail or 5000 lamborghini's combined?"

  • Samore Toure

    mafia 3 is a great game love the story

  • Austin Batton

    Mafia 3 is a really good game

  • dragonhold4

    It's like comparing Fable to TES: Oblivion.

  • Najwa mzaoui

    I feel sorry for people who bought mafia 3...waste of money...

  • Djrocks Gaming

    The first fighting part makes sense, I mean, have you seen Lincoln? Who the hell is going to fight that?

  • MrMusicy Lv

    where you get/download mafia 2 or mafia3

  • Bimo Gusha Triastanto

    Back then in 2010, when this game and GTA IV was came out. I feel more excited to this game gameplay. Good combat system with a good combo, environment interaction, cinematic camera. Even we can bribe police if we're being chased by them. Get drunk on bar, buy clothes, modify car, repair a broken car engine, hidding a body in trunk, so on and so on... This game was so brilliant.. And those graphics were epic in 2011, harder to play smooth rather than GTA IV at a low end PC.

  • Nicholas DiRito

    If M3 was delayed and a little more like M2 in terms of detail and the story wasn't about racism it would've been a whole lot better

  • Trí Nhựt

    I wish that Mafia 3 is an open version of Mafia 2 :((

  • Pisim Duquette

    Every time I watch this video it pisses me off on how bad mafia 3 was!!! Don't buy the game! Please, don't support broken games you morons! Mafia 2 was a million times better, just the attention to detail! Arggg!

  • Electro Games

    mafia 2 is better than mafia 3

  • Nuffel Bagget

    I love mafia 3 but I really think mafia 2 looks 10 times better. Hopefully Czech 2k develop mafia 4 and make it better than both of these games combined. Even the graphics in mafia 2 are almost as good or arguably better than mafia 3's!

  • Woody Jacobson

    they've killed kenny :(

  • LaLomelí

    Vito Scaletta its a fucking pro!

  • Chris Kitchen

    Always leave it to the U.S of A to be fucking lazy.

  • choiyoungjaeaddict

    MAFIA II is way better than MAFIA III. About missions, story, characters... There is no comparison. And Vito Scaletta is hella sexy. No one can argue me with this. 💋😄

  • Rammsteiner1992

    Mafia 2 is way better...

  • Stoned like Jesus was at my funeral.

    Mafia 3 mirror is fucking hallucinogenic. Take salvia and look at that and your mind is fucked for good.

  • Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

    That's why after all those years, I still play Mafia 2 and never bought Mafia 3


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  • JD The XpertGamer

    Just like gta 4 graphics was better than gta 5.

  • Michael G

    U can't do a lot of the shit he was doing in Mafia 2 for Ps3 version

  • Level 99

    i know that Mafia 3 was rushed out. but did the game lack all of these features due to the time constraints or just because of bad design/programming/laziness?

  • Moni M

    You ruined my life, ijust bought mafia3 today jajajajj

  • QProJoeQ

    I'm half way through this video and I paused to go and buy Mafia 2. Such an amazing game ahead of its time.

  • juan da don juan da don

    This depresses me foreal

  • Zachery Kelts

    I played all mafia and 3 is my favorite out of all of them. Mafia 2 was great but i wanted more brutal killing, better cars, better war story, and weapons

  • Philippe l

    well, mafia 3 has at least a hyper-realistic modeled nigger

  • Kasym Kakabayew

    Mafia 2 de ayakkabılarımızı temizletebiliyormuyuz 😕

  • Kobomoto

    Americans broke this game...they should leave to Czech people so it will be as good as Mafia 2 and 1

  • Kundan Pal

    Mafia 3 is embarrassing in every aspect....even the graphics r shit, the sky looks terrible. Dear developers don't suck games like this, we spend a lot of hard earned money.

  • Omar Siddiqi

    fuck mafia 3 and everyone who made it

  • Łowca 12 letnich szparek kamil bednarek

    Why every game has russiand shitty dubbing

  • عباس بیگلی

    Don't exactly know why but 3 sucks

  • Original Triniboy

    Mafia 2 is more realistic than mafia 3

  • Miles Frost

    Mafia 3 was a good game for like the first 4 or 5 mission then it just go to this place kill the guy then it repeats but I liked the Vietnam war flashbacks and just can't interact with most of the stuff and the fucking mirrors. Mafia 2 had a great story there was winter and spring you could interact with almost anything plus it's a real mafia game but in mafia 3 your just some boss of a gang atleast Vito was in it.

  • desedez88

    Mafia 1 was a great game, with a great story. It had flaws in its design, but it was a generally enjoyable game. The characters were very strong, and the story was compelling. Mafia 2 was even better, in my opinion. It had too many side missions, and a lot of useless features, like using toilets and interacting with meaningless objects, but the story and the city itself were the stars of the show. Mafia 3 was not as good as the first two, but it was a good game too. It was much more like a GTA series game than the previous two, which isn't a knock. The story in Mafia 3 was a straightforward revenge tale, and the city - AGAIN - was the true star of the game. The racism in the game was palpable and added to the heavy atmosphere.

  • Tuan Anh Nguyen

    Mafia 3 Is not Mafia !! Is Shitia 3

  • ItsPenGuiNGuy TV

    Deffinetly Mafia 2 win!

  • andrea Garofoli

    bbbbbbbbuuuu mafia 3 mafia 2 😉😉😢😢

  • Martin Pintér

    Maffia 2 old, but gold

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