MAFIA 3 Sign Of The Times Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [1080p HD PC MAX SETTINGS] - No Commentary

MAFIA 3 Sign Of The Times Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full MAFIA 3 Sign Of The Times Gameplay on PC. This MAFIA 3 Sign Of The Times Gameplay is recorded in 1080p HD on the PC and will include the full Campaign and all the boss fights.


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  • Optimus Prime

    This is what real dlc is like, New story campaign, cars, weapons, clothes, locations and abilities, not a season pass for 60$ that only has a few new maps

  • cj black

    Why do people hate this game so much i love it.

  • Nick Technubyte

    31:56 - 32:20I just want to point out that in the plain MAFIA 3 game, Lincoln Clay has some sort of personal moral code that forbids himself from killing women, not even that piece of shit bitch wife of the radio klan leader, or that Vietnamese woman who tried to kill some army guys in a bar, yet here we just saw him gun down 4 crazy ass white cult bitches with an m16 like it was no big deal! I know it's a game so players choice defines the game story, but I'm just saying it kinda breaks the lore of the character, then again his code forbids him from killing women UNLESS there is no other way! Maybe they could have incorporated a knockout (no kill) move for when Lincoln fights women, I don't care as much, but others might complain if there that committed to game lore, and I don't think I need to tell you how a lot of people these day take their interests in gaming very seriously!

  • Nick Technubyte


  • ***ORIGINAL*** TheRealGamer!™

    "Gonna cut you up, piggy", said the crazed inbred bitch with a knife to a 6'4, ripped, military trained man with a M4.


    Tell tmartn 2 ABOUT this

  • Justin Baare

    Mafia 3 DLC:Faster, Baby! = Mafia 3 with Need for Speed elements (and weed)Stones Unturned = Lincoln Clay and Donovan: Crime FightersSign of the Times = Investigation simulator (A.K.A Mafia 3 with L.A. Noire elements)

  • Batman Bruce Wayne

    It came out already the trailer came out today

  • Pranav Rao

    Awesome just awesome you have the best content

  • Deep Trouble

    Why every character in this game smokes so much like there's fucking no tomorrow?

  • Ogier the Dane

    Negros again... this isn't Mafia. You won't get my money.

  • Damar158

    It's hilarious how four women with knives are supposed to be a real match against a 6'4 guy with an assault rifle.

  • Michael M

    Just wish this game still had activities or side missions to complete. DLCs were great, but nothing to do afterwards.

  • Chris Curry

    Harry Styles brought me here!

  • Anuskasv0

    I have to say when I first got the game, I wasn't too impressed. But after completing it and playing all the dlc's I must say, pretty damn solid game. Little too much repetitive filler missions, but mostly good shit.

  • New chanter

    Does it still have 30 FPS lock issue

  • Abdullah Al-Marhuby

    is the game worth revisiting for the dlcs?

  • Thomas Rolfe

    How do I start the dlc? Nothing is showing up for me

  • Frank Ciota

    anybody know what song that is at 33:51

  • Wolf Hound

    i dont have a ps4 but omg i love this game so damn much

  • Logan Kiser

    Hangar 13 really did wrong to the mafia series with this game, now they got you doing detective shit.... what a shame.

  • Dallas Faulk

    Anyone know why I can't play the dlc I downloaded it and it not showing up to start it on the map

  • Ricardo Markland

    Why am I getting an LA Noire feeling from this?

  • Metrack

    I just love the fact that Lincoln is a sarcastic prick even on drugs

  • Daniel Foster

    Can this dlc be played after you defeat the marcanos

  • Yongfar Jou

    Broo the people on the disco thats the runescape dance lol

  • Minalinsky

    Consume the flesh, spice it well

  • Lucian Wong

    I have the DLC, but there is no message that says i need to talk to Father James help please

  • Wank Face

    Boi the clothes u were wearing made u look like a black Elton john

  • Rocco Paulmeno

    i watch little cut scenes of this game but i'm gonna say this:Father James is so nice i mean he tried to comfort anna


    its not Mafia already...its Batman Arkham fuckin!

  • Archangel

    Check out my latest video click on my icon

  • D S

    just sayin - anybody else have this dlc freak them the hell out?!?! lol... like I deadass had to stop playin for a bit because I was gettin scared!!! 😂😂😂

  • Jini Davis


  • Potato Beans

    Pretty good content. You gained a sub. 👍

  • Garret Tously

    Do you have to complete stones unturned for this to become available

  • EzioACFAN99

    I have a question do I have to buy the dlc to get the slow motion feature if so that's stupid it should have been in the game when it was released

  • live4marilyn

    When do these missions take place? Before or after you deal with The Marcanos?

  • Isaiah Caballero

    I heard white room twice

  • Big Smoke

    All you had to do is kill the bitch

  • Omen Gaming

    Just curious but how did you circumnavigate the issues with music, I was streaming this when it came out and for a few Days afterwards and every one of my videos was copyright claimed till I go t to a point where I thought screw it and just stopped.

  • Felix Serrano

    Its not showing up in the PlayStation store.

  • Naufal D'Bei

    this game still buggy on 60fps?

  • MrRedheat123

    Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 30 minutes ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ***ORIGINAL*** TheRealGamer!™

    L.A Noire 2 seems great so far.

  • john b

    I have the season pass and got everything done but dlc isn't showing up plus I got the slow mo and outfit but not the story.

  • 1231Skyguy

    There's nothing I hate more than cults, or religion of that matter.

  • Falconite 001

    Just my opinion about the overall game and last dlc I think that all the dlc were great and I would rate this one second out of the three(first being faster baby). Overall, I thought that this game was great even though the main game was really repetitive, but I'm the shoot everybody in sight and don't have to worry about the fucking consequences kind of gamer. So I liked games like the first godfather more than gta, believe it or not. I know a lot of people complained about it so 2k really did a great job by listening to their fan base(unlike most publishing companies cough cough activistion)and changing it up and make the missions play like mafia 2. The only few complaints I have about this game is that they implemented the last dlc gun and throwing knife after the game and we wouldn't be able to use it because there were no more missions left. The throwing knife is really satisfying and it's a shame that we only could use it for the last dlc(unless u want to restart the game) the last thing that let me down is the teaser about joe. I thought for sure that they would bring joe into the dlc but that wasn't the case. Either they were trolling us or they were teasing about mafia 4, I'm still pretty disappointed.

  • EzioACFAN99

    I don't know how you don't have over a million subscribers every walkthrough I watch from you you do perfectly and they are all great quality

  • Luka 99

    Mafia 3 wanna be Witcher 3

  • Master sonicfan

    Did Nicki Minaj play as bonnie?Lol

  • Badboy DCX

    everything always looks so grey and yellowish

  • bryanjonesDOTbe

    immersive story line. nice rewards at the end.

  • Zonda Gaming

    I'm happy I gave this game a chance

  • mechassault2012

    Crazy cultist. Never liked them

  • squadKSA1986

    Its reminds me of LA NOIRE style

  • Kaa Tee

    So is this better than the base game? The base game was good at first, but after some time it got boring because missions was basically all the same.

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