Mafia 3 vs Mafia 1

2016 vs 2002
max settings Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven/3

Core i5 3570K
GTX 1060 6GB
Windows 10
  • Yuriy Olehnik

    как включить поворотник в мафии 1

  • Eduard Makarchev

    У меня не было злого умысла, (как многие тут выражаются, поливать игру отходами организма), изначально цель была в указании ошибок и недоработок. Надеюсь что издатель и разработчик выпустят следующую часть более качественным и проработанным проектом. Спасибо за внимание!

  • Vlad Stashevskiy

    Насчёт угона авто: в 3 части чтоли нельзя угонять машины? Или к чему это было показано?

  • Futbol Rossii

    А никто не видит сходств Мафии 3 с ГТА 4?) Один движок использовали.

  • The Son

    Знаете, эти игры не управляются скриптами, написанными на документе .ini . Они управляются людьми. Одними-в соответствии с логикой, другими-нет. Hangar 13 (разрабы 3 части) все запороли. Так же, как Поли и Сэм.

  • Záložnyk

    Americans are more for graphics but Czechs are more for details

  • Franci Kutrolli

    Mafia 3 so hyped. I 0layed it 10min and unistalled it for good

  • tyler No

    I love mafia 1&2's attention to detail. Mafia 3 doesn't have any

  • NewRock inNewYork

    Where Russian? Im Russian)


    You english so good yes

  • Dab berZ

    Mafia l is originally better like if u agree

  • Benz segar

    Mafia 1 and mafia 2 best but mafia 3 big fail

  • ChrisTheRipper47

    Legend says when Mafia 1 is mentioned, someone re-installs it

  • Super Gaming Facility Heroes

    In Mafia 3 you used a car with no glasses.

  • stewazy

    Mafia I is a fucking masterpiece its my second favorite game of all time !!!

  • gEck0

    Mafia: The City Of Lost Heaven is the real Mafia game.

  • Alladeen Madafaker

    Mafia 3 graphics of course its a game from 2016,but graphics only dont make a good game

  • socomseal93

    The Mafia 1 graphics hold up surprisingly well.

  • Josh Gorman

    Anyone ever played godfather 2 now that game was sick

  • boumil

    Mafie 1 je nejlepší hra na světě ....

  • MathBlox YT

    its like more we go in time more is being sh**

  • Mr.Flamper

    Зачем сравнивать классику с гавном? Всё и так ясно...

  • Pan

    Mafia 1 and two was mas with love mafia 3 was made with...anythingelse

  • AllSTARAD72

    don't compare this shit with Mafia 1

  • Ka Po Fong

    This mean Mafia III is the worst in Mafia series

  • Samir Aziz

    Русские есть?(Топ коммент)

  • Szymon Maliszewski

    Mafia 1 was and is the very climatic game

  • Rundas

    mafia 1 5/10mafia 2 10/10mafia 3 I never played it but it looks like a 7/10

  • RandomUser M

    They need to remaster mafia 1

  • Marko Vuckovic

    This proves that Americans suck at making games.Europe rules

  • Light Being Aid

    Mafia 1 was so much better then mafia 2 or 3

  • Twoface1240PL

    I love that fact that mafia 2 has better graphics then Mafia 3


    mF3 is shit what a let down, mf2 was the best one.

  • FrayDay official

    MAFIA 1 is ofcourse bettre then mafia 3

  • Malekai Murray

    The little things matter.

  • Mad Gamer

    car driving simulator 2002


    I remember when like 10 years ago or 12 or something like that i was playing mafia 1, damn i still remember how hard was that "race" mission xd

  • torque the man himself

    you gotta be deaf not to see the differences

  • Logan Bridges

    really wish they would remastering mafia 1 and 2

  • Kendus

    Mafia 1 Is best... Mafia 3 Is shit


    There is a not too many effect, particels or some shit animations. Of course the first Mafia is the best !

  • xu ying

    i like mafia 1 :Dbecause i dont sit down in the train ;D

  • Refik Mehmeti

    mafia 3 doesn;t even have anything to do with mafia it is gta in the 60s


    No competiotion for gta sanandreas

  • Aliko Smertanoz

    I want to see new Italian Mafia not American bullshit!!!!

  • will.D

    mafia 3 shit game shit shit shit

  • Alan Amirgalin

    It's seems to be a Kingdom come deliverens be that good like Mafia 1

  • Level 99

    the fact that a 15 year old game has more and better features than its 2017 sequel is really embarrassing

  • Bass Booster HD

    When You realize the mafia 1 is better than mafia 3 :)))

  • WEareTheWORLD23

    we need a remastered Mafia 1

  • malias

    mafia 1 is verry good game

  • Jake


  • sweetmarycarla

    Why hanger 13 have to ruin mafia 3

  • drakeo bloody

    why this video even exsist. we know mafia 3 isnt the perfect game but this is playing ugly

  • Unknown X

    just pure lazines and wish for money

  • abc 123

    Mafia 1 is still on my best games of all time list

  • David Ginko

    Man I wonder how they'll downgrade the next Mafia game, hell if there's going to be one.

  • Ugur Onay

    It is not the fault of game developer's. Believe me. The biggest problem of the game industry are the publishers. They produce pressure and give to much short time for development.They want to publish as soon as possible and earn money and more money. Quality and service is no longer available in the industry. It is only producing faster and faster and make money.

  • pán švváb cz

    you know czech hands :D


    Duuude, Mafia 1 was liiit back in the days! Omfg i remember playing it with friend and repeating the mission after which was sex scene :D

  • Fly Travel Away

    Guys i have a question : Why all these games producers are fuckin dumb ? When a game succeeded why not doin the second part with better graphics and more options ! Why its becoming less options and dumb stories un interesting !Examples :Mafia 1 they ruined it by mafia 3Resident evil 1,2,3 then after that all are bullshitMax payne 1,2 then 3rd is the worst game i ever played ! Silent hill !!! First was amazing then gettin worse Hitman still fine but the old parts are more exciting ! I just wonder why the fuck is this ? We buy money to run from the reality and feelThe moment and play somethin makes us happy ! Medal of honor !!!! Its was legendary then turned into shooting like kids ! No story no shit

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