Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 15 - Teleport Cheese (Mafia III PS4)

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  • mike n

    Daily reminder: the warriors blew a 3-1 lead

  • lll-antoine-lll

    Told my barber to run my fade and he beat me up? 🤔

  • DBC

    10 mins of cut scenes. Look at that cheese.

  • brandon

    i love the music they use whenever shits about to go down

  • Dude 01

    Daily reminder: Michael Jordan is the GOAT

  • True Gamer279

    Finally he gets back to mafia lll

  • Sha Anthony


  • Nehemiah Hickman

    Lil yachty/Boat has a sprite Commercial

  • Kir McCarus

    Ahh my Goshhh We need faster uploads Smoove

  • Jonathan Brown

    When Grecco was in the chair, it reminded me of the torture scene on GTA V.

  • Troy Stewart

    Even smoove knows 2k is dead right now

  • Subsidedcarton5

    These vids need to be longer than 15 minutes at least

  • cj simmons

    Uploading a new episode of Mafia was such a smoove move

  • Lil Shark Attack

    Smoove are you getting read dead redemption

  • Eddie Thomas


  • GloryKicks_Pat

    Ain't gon lie I felt bad for the dude in the chair

  • Clorox Bleach

    Legend has it that Chris Smoove replies to his most loyal fans

  • Leigha Donner

    About time Vito started shooting instead of driving all the damn time. (Mafia ll reference)

  • TheCrouploader9

    the shit is about to go down cuhh ...... cant wait for that dj khaled another one

  • James Oneill

    He sound hood saying niggas the white dude

  • Andrew Triunfo

    patiently waiting for that next episode

  • Jack Curon

    oh that teleport happens in gta 5

  • Bvdub


  • Jason Pagaduan

    Make it splash on Alma

  • Kewi

    What if sal is working with the other Donnovan to make the casino, but he's using Clay to keep in a never ending cycle of money... Idk

  • Joshua Winters

    Give us some more cuh!

  • Shash is Cash

    4 mins gameplay. The rest is just the game. No effort.

  • Abram Carrasco

    That's a smoove mooove uploading two days in row.

  • Justin Stephens

    Daily reminder: LeBron > Kobe

  • Nehemiah Hickman

    I'm confused af about what's going on right now, can someone please explain

  • Isaiah Molina

    you should drop a mafia video every day

  • mark baxter

    Make the mafia 3 videos quicker

  • Ej The Dj

    Make splash on those my career vids smoove

  • Trev

    Smoove can't ever catch a break with the glitch cheese LOOOL

  • Mike Jones

    for whenever you decide to release mafia content

  • EliteNation

    Ayyyeee smoove letting the videos fly lol keep them coming

  • Dennis Chen

    Aw yeah love the Mafia 3 content

  • Thunder Up

    10:01 that's how you know Sal needs to be killed

  • Jean Miranda

    Chris smoove should do the battlefield 1 campaign its very interesting

  • Rock Lee

    daily reminder: bruce lee killed me

  • pierre mukandila

    Ayyyye yo upload more mafia

  • Mohammed Khan

    what's your definition of faster uploads cuh

  • Platano_Josh

    Chris SMOOVE coming in clutch !!!

  • Supersaiyan2x

    first to actually watch the video

  • Ricky Torres

    damn it smoove, let me sleep

  • Norriel Fabria

    notification squad cheeese ..

  • jr davis

    Go on AppBounty and use my code:euszqkyi

  • Aaron Bridges

    Totally digging the Mafia 3 videos. Keep up the Smoove work my man.

  • Drone Killer

    drop the next vid cuhhhh

  • dick- tater

    who else noticed almas voice actor also played nicks gf in ftwd

  • RW3 CN1

    Can you do a Livestream

  • bowen shen


  • motobasfan

    hey smoove, please don't stop with these series

  • I'm dat Guy

    12:56 What was that??? lol

  • Dog gang Reacts

    You the best cris smoove

  • Ricco warden

    When's the next episode 🤔

  • Brian ScalaGOAT

    Where's Moses…. Cuh

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