MAFIA 3 ENDING / FINAL MISSION - Walkthrough Gameplay Part 24 (Mafia III)

Mafia 3 Ending Gameplay Walkthrough Part 24 includes the Final Story Mission for Mafia III on PS4, Xbox One and PC. This Full Game Mafia 3 (Mafia III) Walkthrough Gameplay will include a Review, Story Missions, Cut Scenes, OST, Free Roam, Magazines, Main Missions, Vehicles, Crocodiles, Alligators, Characters, Cinematics and more! Thanks 2K Games for Mafia 3!


Mafia III is an action-adventure video game developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games. It is the third installment in the Mafia series, and the debut title for Hangar 13. Set in 1968 in the city of New Bordeaux, a fictional recreation of New Orleans, the story revolves around Lincoln Clay, an orphan and a Vietnam War veteran, who is on a quest to build a new crime organization to confront the Italian mob.

The game takes place in the year 1968, and revolves around Lincoln Clay, a biracial orphan and Vietnam veteran. As an orphan, he was constantly looking for a family, until he joined The Black Mob and later the armed forces and fought in the Vietnam War. After serving, he returned to New Bordeaux (a fictionalized version of New Orleans) and rejoined the black mob. The Black Mob's leader tasks Lincoln to assist Giorgi Marcano (Son of The Don who runs the Italian Mafia) with robbing the Federal Reserve: once the heist is completed, Lincoln returns to Sammys Bar with their half of the money while Giorgi returns to his father Sal Marcano with the other half, however, Marcano has other intentions and decides to get the other half the Black Mob has in their possession. Giorgi and his father agree. They schedule a meeting with the Black Mob at a Black Mob's owned bar with its lieutenants and leader at the location, once the meeting happens they open fire on their former allies with Lincoln caught within it, taking a bullet to his skull. After surviving the murder attempt by the Italian mob which wiped out the whole black mob in the process, Clay is saved by Father James and attempts to start his own criminal organization to get revenge. Clay is aided by three allies, which include Cassandra, Burke, and Vito Scaletta.
  • theRadBrad

    Thanks for all the support on this series! On to the next

  • GirlSproket

    It only took you 6 fucking months to finish this series...

  • Sir Joey of The White

    Voice acting 10/10Graphics 8/10Characters 9/10Music/Soundtrack 10/10Car handling/cars 8.5/10Story itself 9/10Side missions 4/10 or 3/10I loved the game tbh, I finished it the first 3 days it came out.

  • A Random soul from somewhere

    "Take it, bitch! Fuck you, chair! (or gate, couch, etc.) sweet, buttery Jesus!"if you hear one of those you're watching the rad Brad

  • Duffington

    Donovan is the best character in Mafia 3

  • Tiegen White

    Mafia 2 was way better :/

  • Evan Hill

    Uncle Lou looks like a fat Donald trump

  • BattlestarPegasus

    The CIA probably had Kennedy killed, which makes this ending hilarious.

  • Pranay Tulsidas

    Leo galantes driver was Joe from mafia 2

  • s a m e g o i Syufzh'

    If I get 10 likes I'll drink bleach for my 23rd birthday

  • Steve 1O1

    Holy shit Lincoln killed trump

  • Arctic

    Fuckin hell that ending though. Can't wait for the story mode dlc.



  • BroBlast !

    Happy birthday to myself i dont ask for likes

  • Victor

    This game is full of rednecks and hillbillies

  • MCofficialegames

    this ending makes me feel empty inside

  • xxRuby Da Cherryxx

    That take down on the beginning should happen to all the racist people.

  • Nicksaw

    I don't know why Brads game looks so great, I played it on Xbox One and it looks like shit. It has muddy textures, tons of lighting glitches, etc.

  • Mario Bošnjak

    That ending was sad af.Why didnt you just leave the town?

  • Braxton Zane

    the cars in this game are golden 👌

  • Legion Fury

    Mafia 4 John Donovan is going to kill all those senetors

  • Simsky3

    Was that Joe from Mafia 2 with Leo?

  • DomTheBomb

    Enjoyed the series can't wait for 2017 walkthroughs 👍👍

  • Rocco Paulmeno

    19:01 there's vito

  • Braulio Kampoy

    Mafia 3 is underrated and Better than gta 5

  • Alebriwisber Osoba

    this is the same song from call of duty black ops ending anyone remeber

  • Anthony Carlton

    the cutseans are different​ depending on which missions you do in order

  • AlexMasonTheWarHero

    at the end that documentery DONAVAN EXPOSED THE SENATOR EXPOSED!!!!

  • Pivot Boy

    This is not the final mission

  • leon aluceid

    Damm Donovan is cool at last

  • Fabian Alvarez

    Lincoln clay is more of a hitman

  • Ravi SV

    Cool game really like the main story mission 😊

  • Roland Bidari

    Father James always talking about peace, well I got news for everyone else who thinks peace can be easily prevailed but unfortunately peace lies in a barrel of a gun

  • Kevin F

    I get the complaints about this game being repetitive but I still thoroughly enjoyed playing. You also cant deny the story kicked ass even though its not from an Italian perspective.

  • CloudJumper Gaming

    45:55 damn donavan, where the hell were you hiding that!?

  • Joshua Johnson

    +theradbrad great video. Are u play mafia 3 dlc story ?

  • lily merine

    Donavon you do things to me

  • Fluffy Games On

    This one got me in the feels


    Morgan Freeman would make for a great father James someone make a mod

  • Rodin Navarro

    Damn is morgen free man is gonna appear on every video games now

  • King Flex

    dam that hurt me 26:09

  • Saptarshi Saha

    What song is it at 21:01?

  • Darth Void 701

    Why does uncle Lou look like Donald Trump?

  • Kaleb Jackson

    All in all Lincoln Clay is a BADASS

  • Mateo Graubart

    That ending nearly made me cry.

  • Zoham Imam

    for me sal marcano shot himself -____-

  • Supreme TvTM

    Man Lincoln clay died helluva story

  • JvilleGaming

    I'm telling you guys that's JOE from mafia 2 they would make that scene of just showing him like that

  • Anthony Carlton

    i had to kill. cassandea

  • Henry Jackson

    person who drove leo at the looked really like joe barbro

  • Im a Sad dude

    Leo's back from mafia 2And JOE BARBARO IS ALIVE (36:05) !!!!!!!WhooooooooooHe is alive

  • Nathan Seaman

    He was smoking in a room full of gasoline

  • Alistair Gillies

    Does the guy at 36:00 remind anyone else of Joe Barbero? It's feasable that Leo took him into his crew and the commision lied to Vito about him being murdered.

  • Hot Pepper

    He killed SAL an the CHAIR TOO. OVER!


    No offence But Lou looks and sounded kinda like Donald Trump.

  • Abde Khrmane

    how you change your clothing ?

  • spitfirethegod from roblox

    poor father james he had to cry of what Lincoln did to him, Lincoln shoeld of just left the city. You have no heart theradbrad!!!

  • Brown Viking

    Donovan is more bad ass than Lincoln Clay ahahahaha....... :D

  • British&Proud

    YES, Clay :D I'm glad he killed those assholes.

  • RealTakerslady

    Awesome, thx for playing Brad. Wish you'd ruled alone.

  • gerardo lopez

    brad i m a big fan of ur vids and i had that game for ps4 and i hated it sorry but ya i didnt like play it but at the same time it was fun i dont know way but ya

  • Zeke Stratton

    my save system is fucked, like when I die after doing a few missions and it takes me to when I left the game. I don't know how to save

  • Guy Fawkes

    I like the ending drinking convo

  • ephan gaming

    brad I think u could of made it more interesting if u didn't always use the shotgun and if you actually went stealthy every now and then instead of guns blazing all the time but still thnx for the series I enjoyed it a lot

  • Joshua 02

    dose anyone know the song at the end, started around 45:46

  • Matthew Vasta

    has anyone ever wandered how he calls in cars, supplies, or backup? there's no mobile phones in 1968, does he just yell super loudly, because that would sorta explain why that when you call people, they're right around the corner

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