Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 - A Taste of the Action (Mafia III PS4)

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  • Keith Grace

    Took you long enough lmao come on I need these uploaded faster Cuh!

  • Edward Leo

    is father james played by morgan freeman?

  • AJGPlays

    I never knew Morgan Freeman was in Mafia 3. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • MrSplashMan

    Who else Haitian ? 😂 they bugging about is being trouble

  • DetectiveMuffins 25

    In The Field With My Haitians

  • JcersHabs018

    For whoever is wondering what he said at the end, he said "the one who pours out salt invites hostility"

  • benn_29

    keep em comin smoove!!

  • Indras Baruno

    smoove back again with the Mafia splash

  • That Lightskin Nigga

    Where my Notification squad at? 🙏🏽💯

  • king james

    Great job not skipping the dialogue! I really wanted to listen to that; I bet a lot of others wanted too as well.

  • V.G. Victory

    15:30 Translates to "He who pours salts arouses hostility"

  • Abdullah Al-Obaidi

    What did he press for a Vault Cover

  • Raven Gamer HD

    Baka mean idiot in japanese and the leader of the Haitians is named Idiot its funny really it is

  • Javon Thomas

    Welcome to the Comments section! A place where there's always that one person who mad at life and takes it out on everyone else! 😂

  • Zach Nimmo

    I love your vids Chris live long and upload.

  • Prince Santa

    where the FIFA at its been a week my dude

  • 49 Sense

    Pablo Escobar ohhhhhhh!(12:10)

  • choppa 187

    the car won't start in mine what do I do

  • DareDevil Andrew Greek

    And the orlando mafic are going to be let be Serge I<Bak>

  • Ed D

    Thank you for not cutting the vehicle conversation. Would you be doing the DLC? I enjoy how 2k games their animations actually match the characters precise timing, other games their animations are horrific.

  • Paul Morrison

    When are you going to continue Moses Cuh MyCareer?!

  • Ҡąɱŗƴŋ Çǫҳ

    You know who's my hero? Lincoln Clay! :)

  • Ali Abbas

    why does the driving remind me of lanoire

  • AbandonedCat 123

    Father James is the Morgan Freeman of Mafia 3

  • tonibanana44

    man smoove your driving is shit.....

  • Lip To

    he who pours salt arouses hostility

  • Miche


  • yjoe40z

    Trouble with the Haitians but I'm Haitian 😰

  • Handel Auguste

    Who else is haitian and laugh when the guy said papa doc and tonton macout

  • Derwin Johnson

    No mo Fifa vids that's sum bs smoove

  • Andrew Wahwai

    Really? Playboy? God damn it Mafia 3😂

  • Dustin Markward

    The review mirror is dope

  • Boyd Robertson

    Man smooth yo guy is buff

  • Alf Pa

    Russell Wilson in your thumbnail lol

  • Rajveer Badgujar

    Why GTA V's atmosphere and lightning still looks better than all these newest open world games?

  • P Chan

    liked for faster uploads

  • Hb Nova

    Anyone else notice The Temptations at 12:00?

  • Jamari Williams

    love watching but too many cut scenes

  • Static the Noob

    Probably late, but definitely enjoyed the vid. Subscribing!

  • MrMizz007

    Lincoln Klay is voiced by Michael Jai White

  • EagleMan

    Are the gameplays or cutscenes

  • g KEEF

    HEY IM HATIAN!!!!!!! >:(

  • sujana sharmin

    plz don't scream while playing mission

  • DeVaughn Humphries

    don't scroll without saying amen

  • Astro Jordan

    No need for smoove to deal with the Haitians, my homie Matthew already did

  • Vinoo 2x

    Your girl love me cause im Haitian -Kodak 😎

  • Hunter Jones

    I love the whole Louisiana theme because Im from the boot 😎

  • El Matador

    The priest reminds me of Morgan Freeman.

  • DMG

    who else hears the teaptions in the background 11;48

  • WarCloud20

    Give me some of that gumbo baby!

  • Bankon Renz

    hmm my name is don cheddle & im mad im the black iron man & im rusty

  • Clint Big Dick Wood

    Wtf mf drive the fucking car

  • Kev GillzTv Fraud Dept

    just got it. 96% downloaded and counting

  • Kassim Jah

    Chris smoove can u buy me a ps4 gameplay very interesting

  • Donald Morris

    got the temptations playing in the background that's a smoove move

  • King Sway The Drake

    they need better french voice actors

  • Brandon Lucero

    I wonna know the conclusion to what happened at the end of mafia 2 is there a video?

  • Manuel Reyes

    Interesting Story line

  • Glen Davis

    For some reason, when he said"Really!", I just died of laughter.

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