Mafia 3 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6 - A Friend in Jesus (Mafia III PS4)

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  • Vash

    We want faster uploads ❗❗❗❗❗

  • JordanB272

    Am I the only one that was actually pissed of at sal

  • Andres Nieto

    poor haitains.... first the hurricane now smoove is murdering them lol

  • SlimReaper222

    First it was Bo$$ Key Yacht, then Harambe, now Ellis and Sammy, who next??? 🙏🏽😭😭

  • Young Goofy

    I kinda found the beard to be better idk why

  • Pudge 215

    didnt see that coming at all wow

  • Mr StealYoGril

    That was the last thing i expected smhh

  • Pug Lin

    hi (I sincerely apologize for my ineptitude and my lack of basic knowledge of the English language)

  • Aseda Adebamgbe

    he just shaped himself up with a knife..his shit sharp

  • funny shxt.

    damn, thought smoove was finally about to die in a video game. guess not

  • aj king

    so we just gon ignore the fact that he just gave him self a clean cut with a knife.

  • Sean Jordan

    Chris is always talking about cliff hangar cheese but look what he doing smh

  • Great Value Bleach

    has smoove ever died/failed at a mission in any walkthrough ever?

  • King Moolah

    damn I felt bad for Sammy and Lincoln's step brother (wuz his name Ellis?)

  • Darrius Francisco

    he made a cop chase into 2k

  • Brian Mullin

    I knew that Giorgi was up to some shit when they said they got separated. I also thought Lincoln was going to die because I thought I remembered a different character in all of the trailers.

  • Rafe Adler

    That transition at 7:00 tho!

  • Shellshocked soldier

    That ending reminds me of RAMBO!!

  • Ryan Wilson

    Notifcation squad where you at

  • Chris Smoove


  • Sean Cuhh

    you gotta upload faster

  • Blade Seraun

    hi dude amazed by dem videos god bless u and ur family and subscribed

  • WinterFazeRunner Gaming

    Was that Danny's dad who killed Ellis? We're Danny and his dad in on killing them?

  • Lycan

    How did Lincoln survive that point blank shot to the head?

  • Lamar McCrory

    Damn...a lot of shot escalated quickly. Never trust white people lmao ( old days. I accept them now )

  • Jason Wang

    nothin better than uncharted doe

  • Allen Harper

    whats the name of the song that was playing during the scene of every one dieing

  • Manroz

    That was the most unexpected shit I've ever seen

  • Jason Legends

    I don't want to watch rad brad series but if I have to I'm going to

  • Goonless Hero

    You guy's keep demanding he is only human lol. Great content tho Chris

  • Banana Man

    he should of shot him first

  • Isaac Robinson

    Never trust the white man

  • Davanna Griggs

    wow I can't believe they died not Lincoln tho

  • Biggus Dickus


  • Sense The Villen

    That's Blake griffin

  • bluepizza2112

    at 0:37 it reminded me a little of saint row

  • Danil Chernov

    why no one cant drive cars even in arcade games

  • Eratz33

    I've been to that cemetery that he was running through in the beginning

  • Datrick Minor

    Chris smoove why are u driving so badly lol


    he did all that with a knife tho??

  • Victor Gonzalez

    liked for faster uploads.

  • Avengedsevenfoldersteven Seven

    What in the world is up with bar part?

  • Jack Curon

    10:23 that should be a new John cena meme

  • Michael 786

    that was a clean shave 16:10

  • AlexMc13x

    Was that clip of James and Donovan watching tv when John Lennon was shot?

  • Rodrick McCray

    After being in that coma dude is still swole!! lol

  • Austin Davis

    damn thats a clean cut using a knife

  • Tristan Machinima

    6:58 HOLY $h. T |

  • AlphAlinea

    does anybody know the music/song around 2:01?

  • Cristian Morales

    Paint it black-it just pumped me up.

  • Tony Franklin

    What I wanna know is how tf did he give himself that clean ass fade with just a knife

  • Gadore Butts

    GameShare Mafia 3 For 2K17 kik me : JunB11

  • Caleb Cathcart

    Cmon snoove longer and more videos

  • Malcolm Brown

    my heart dropped when he shot em

  • Merrin Thomas

    Something always goes down when you hear paint in black

  • CrossEmUpTM

    story went from 0 to 100 hellah quick

  • William Underwood

    They just hit a big ass lick bruh, but then they got finessed smh damn shame

  • BassHunta

    Holy shit what an episode

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